Maribel Guardia is in mourning: “I already have two angels in heaven” – El Diario NY

Maribel Guardia is in mourning: “I already have two angels in heaven” – El Diario NY

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After just a few days ago Maribel Guardia commemorated and remembered the first death anniversary of her son Julián Figueroa, now, the actress and singer decided to share with her social media followers that she is in mourning again.

Through her Instagram account, the Costa Rican announced the death of her godson, a young man with disabilities named Rodrigoand uploaded a photograph and a video that he accompanied with some emotional words to say goodbye.

“Today you went to heaven my beloved Rodrigo, it was an honor to be your godmother, but above all it was lucky for me to know the light and depth of your soul. We always speak well of people who die, but you, my beautiful boy, were a teacher, you fought a thousand battles with everything against you. The immense pain you suffered never made you weak, you always had a smile and a joke in your mouth. When I went to meet you they thanked me as if I had done you a favor, You did it to me, with your teachings of love, tolerance and resilience.“, wrote.

Finally, Maribel Guardia asked the boy, when he arrived in heaven, to greet her son Julián and let him know how much she loves him and misses him. Likewise, she assured that she considers him an angel more than she will take care of her from now on.

“Give my Julián a hug and lots of kisses and remind him how much I love him. I already have two angels in heaven,” Maribel concluded.

Maribel Guardia remembers Julián Figueroa one year after his death

It was on April 9, 2023 when Julián Figueroa lost his life after suffering a heart attack. One year after her departure, Maribel Guardia shared a heartbreaking message about the absence of her son where she also accompanied it with several photos of the singer.

“Julián: I have thought about you, prayed and cried for 365 days and nights, I know that 12 months are just the beginning of this immense love, which grows more every day and that weaves a bridge full of sighs and prayers to where you are,” The renowned actress began writing.

“I always find you close to me, in the smallest things, as well as in the biggest, in nature, in your tree that you loved so much in the garden, in every space of my belly that saw you grow, in every corner of the house. and of my heart that keeps you forever. I miss our long talks of philosophy, our book exchanges, our bets on the Oscar-winning movie. You live in me, in the most inopportune places I laugh at so many fun memories, at so many experiences together,” she continued.

“I have 365 reasons to tell you ‘Live is your soul, alive is my mother’s love and alive is your memory’. In heaven God and the Virgin keep you, as close to their hearts as I have you to mine. Your mother who loves you and will love you forever,” she concluded.

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