Marjorie de Sousa says she won’t be the villain in “El Conde”

Marjorie de Sousa says she won’t be the villain in “El Conde”

Marjorie de Sousa spoke about her character in the melodrama «The Count: love and honor“, highlighted People in Spanish. The Venezuelan actress clarified to the aforementioned medium that this time she will not be the villain of the story.

«You are going to be surprised because this character is going to make you cry because of how beautiful it is; he is a noble character. He is a character that you will fall in love with, “Marjorie de Sousa told the media.

The series will star Fernando Colunga and Ana Brenda Contreras, and also includes actors such as Sergio Sendel, Chantal Andere and Víctor González.

And he added: «The cast is wow, it is impressive. She is a sweet, bright and authentic character, she is a character that I identify with her because she is an actress, “she said.

Marjorie de Sousa also announced that her character will suffer for love. «It is a role that will make you fall in love, to the point of doubting whether the count is staying with one person or another. He is someone who has given everything for him, gives everything for him. He thanks her so much and owes her so much, they have such a beautiful relationship for so many years, that all this turns into ‘I love you,’ “she explained.

As is known, the actress “The Heartless” and “On the other side of the wall” has stood out in recent years for the evil of its characters, something that has left it very well off.

period plot

“The Count” is based on the story by Alexandre Dumas, “The Count of Monte Cristo.” In this adaptation, the plot begins in the 1930s, with an intense love story between Alejandro Gaitán (Colunga), a humble and peasant young man; and Mariana (Contreras) a beautiful and restless young woman.

Josefina de Zambrano (Andere), Mariana’s stepmother, and Gerardo Villarreal (Sendel), will set out to turn this love story into a true hell. Alejandro will be accused of a double homicide and without anyone knowing his fate, he will be transferred to a dungeon on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. There he will meet Amador Guzmán, a Spanish nobleman who is serving a life sentence there. Amador reveals to him that he has a hidden treasure and before dying he gives him his fortune.

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