Mateo, nephew of Andrea Legarreta, dies at the age of 14 in a terrible ACCIDENT

Mateo, nephew of Andrea Legarreta, dies at the age of 14 in a terrible ACCIDENT


Mateo, the teenage nephew of Andrea Legarreta, suffered a motorcycle accident. His mother, Valentina Martínez, the driver’s first cousin, reported that her son suffered a severe brain injury caused by a strong blow received while practicing on his motorcycle. Yesterday, as a result of this serious accident The terrible news of the death of this young athlete was announced.

The news of the death of Matthew It was confirmed by his cousin Nicolás Legarreta through his personal Instagram profile. In the publication shared by Nicolás you can see photographs of Mateo with Nicolás and a selfie of Mateo practicing the sport that he was so passionate about and that unfortunately cost him his life. In the message that his cousin shared you can read: “We are going to miss you, baby. I love you and I will miss you. Surely you will continue on the motorcycles there. See you soon”.

This terrible accident It undoubtedly took the family by surprise, who are evidently devastated by the event. Jerónimo Diaz, younger brother of Matthew He also dedicated a heartfelt message to his brother through social networks. In this publication she attached a photograph with her older brother accompanied by the text; “We love you Mateo, you will never leave our hearts. God will take care of you up there, brother. I love you with all my heart. What good times we lived.”

The fatal accident happened on March 20

The accident he suffered Matthew aboard his motorcycle happened on March 20, as a result of which the young man had to be hospitalized. The doctors’ diagnosis is that, upon arriving at the hospital, Mateo was in critical condition due to a brain hemorrhage. Due to the severity of his condition, the young man was unconscious, so the doctors evaluated the possibility of subjecting him to an emergency surgery.

Valentina, mother of Matthew was in charge of sharing some updates on the state of health in which his son was, some time after arriving at the hospital and because his situation was worsening, the medical staff in charge of caring for Mateo made the decision that he had to be transferred to Memorial Herman Children’s, in Houston. According to the medical prognosis, Mateo’s condition should present some change within the next 24 to 48 hours.

While Mateo was going through such a worrying situation, his family joined in a prayer chain waiting for a miracle that could help him. However, Valentina reported on March 21 that Mateo’s health was still very delicate, the inflammation of the brain persisted and even began to affect other vital functions. Mateo’s condition continued to worsen, her mother even went to him to tell him that she would be calm if he decided to leave.

Unfortunately Mateo’s condition worsened and the condition of his body prevented him from moving forward. Without a doubt this terrible accident will leave an indelible mark on the family. Mateo departed this world on March 23, 2024.

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