Nicandro Díaz’s children finally talk about the tragic moment the family is going through – El Diario NY

Nicandro Díaz’s children finally talk about the tragic moment the family is going through – El Diario NY

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Nicandro Díaz’s children highlighted the importance of his legacy in the Mexican television industry, highlighting his dedication and commitment to each project in which he participated. In addition, They thanked all those who have sent messages of love and condolences in these difficult times.

“First of all, Thank you on behalf of my dad and my family for all the support and all the love you have been receiving these days.Obviously we have been too sad, we have gone through very difficult times, but we have been happy to know that he was a very dear person and to give all these people the opportunity to say goodbye, we saw what happened with Televisa and we are very grateful to the great team of job with which he spent so many years,” said the eldest son of the television producer.

In front of the press, Nicandro’s children expressed their deep sorrow for the loss of their father and recognized his influence on their lives, both personally and professionally. They highlighted their love for family and their passion for his work, highlighting that they will follow his example and continue his legacy in the entertainment industry.

“I am sure that he would have wanted us to celebrate him, laugh and remember him with great happiness and with all the positive energy that he radiated. We have been there since the beginning. We are going to cremate him, he will stay with our family for a few days and then we will see what to do with his ashes, with his remains,” Nicandro Díaz Jr. mentioned in front of the press.

The Díaz family thanked everyone present at the funeral for their expressions of affection and messages of support, ensuring that Nicandro Díaz’s legacy will endure in the hearts of all those who knew him and admired his work in the world of television.

Details of the death of Nicandro Díaz

“On March 17, 2024, personnel belonging to The public safety and municipal traffic department received a report to attend to an accident on the southern coastal highway, approximately one kilometer from Cedral, about 25 kilometers from the center of Cozumel,” reported the Cozumel Public Security Directorate.

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