Meghan Markle is accused of RUDENESS against a woman who wanted to take a PHOTO with Harry

Meghan Markle is accused of RUDENESS against a woman who wanted to take a PHOTO with Harry


The media perception of Meghan Markle is in the ‘Eye of the Hurricane’ after this weekend. And in general, the wife of the Prince Harry seems to be the victim of constant misunderstandings, as well as some collective resentment since the couple ‘quit’ the Royal Family a couple of years ago. Now, more recently, the former actress’s ‘haters’ are criticizing her for her attitude against a Harry fan, and the whole scandal started because of a video less than a minute.

Why was Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle accused of being ‘rude’?

It all started last weekend, when the Prince Harry participated and played in the Royal Salute Polo Challenge tournament, held in Wellington, Florida. Harry being a fan of this sport since he was a child, he did not hesitate to sign up to get his hands a little dirty, as is his tradition. So, when his team won the cup, the surprise guest to present him with the award was none other than Meghan Markle. And although the couple greets each other with affection and enthusiasm at the beginning of their interaction, the problem occurred when other fans wanted to pose next to them.

After sharing a loving kiss, the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle They posed for the commemorative photo of the tournament. However, when one of the women present wanted to pose next to Harry, Meghan did not hesitate to make a series of strange movements to convince her to move elsewhere, preferably next to her. After what appeared to be a discreet ‘power struggle,’ the woman on stage sees and agrees to move alongside Meghan instead of Harry. Here, in this video which is now viral on social networks, you can witness the uncomfortable moment:

This is how many Internet users, in addition to highlighting that Meghan Markle has allegedly been very rude on other occasions, they reported that the Duchess of Sussex now had attitudes worthy of a consummate ‘zealopathic’. They highlight, for example, the small ‘tantrum’ that was reflected when Meghan pulled the tournament trophy; action that she did repeatedly until the woman she wanted to pose next to the Prince Harry He finally agreed to move. On the other hand, many defenders of the former actress claim that they would have done the same in her place, and there are even memes about the situation.

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