Michelle Salas and Luis Miguel TOGETHER for the first time in a photo as a family;  this is how they look

Michelle Salas and Luis Miguel TOGETHER for the first time in a photo as a family; this is how they look


The relationship between Michelle Salas and Luis Miguel has been improving in recent months, because let us remember that father and daughter were estranged for several years, after the affair she had with Alejandro Asensiin addition to all the time in which Micky took to recognize her as part of his blood, but now it seems that all that is behind them and they want to make the most of their time together as the family they are.

It was last year that we began to see that they were closer and that they had had their reconciliationsince the model was captured at one of the concerts that are part of the singer’s comeback tour, so rumors that they had settled their differences began to spread like wildfire.

This could be confirmed last October when Michelle married Danilo Díaz, wedding which was held in Tuscany, Italy, and which the Puerto Rican attended with his partner, Paloma Cuevaswho in turn lived with Stephanie Salas and Humberto Zurita.

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This is what Michelle Salas and Luis Miguel look like together

Now everything indicates that father and daughter have left all the problems and tensions behind, mainly that the young woman has made peace with all the years in which LuisMi did not care for her and now she has forgiven him, because their relationship seems stronger than ever. and they have even posed together for a photograph.

And the beautiful influencer has shared through her Instagram account the first photograph in which we can see her with her father like never before and has surprised the entire internet, because this could tell us more about how good their relationship is going and would have been during a trip.

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Although he didn’t write anything in the description in the caption of the photo, we can see the little family while they are sitting on a private jet although we don’t know where they were going, but Salas had previously posted that he had taken a trip to Las Vegas which could have coincided with the singer’s birthday on April 19.

Although many of the fans were happy to see that Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas are now living together much more as they should have done for a long time, many others questioned why the “Suave” interpreter does not do the same with his children. Daniel and Miguel, fruit of his relationship with Araceli Arámbula.

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