Meghan Markle wins defamation lawsuit filed by her half-sister – El Diario NY

Meghan Markle wins defamation lawsuit filed by her half-sister – El Diario NY


The legal battle between Meghan Markle and his half sister, Samantha Marklecame to an end with a victory for the Duchess of Sussex. In a ruling, Judge Charlene Honeywell dismissed the defamation case brought by Samantha against Meghan, the People portal reported.

The case arose from multiple interviews in which Samantha, 59, accused Meghan, 42, of defame her and ruin her reputation. However, Judge Honeywell found that Samantha’s claims were not supported by solid evidence. In court documents, Honeywell noted that Samantha’s allegations seemed more to do with differences of opinion than statements of verifiable fact.

Samantha Markle, who is Meghan’s half-sister from her father, Thomas Markle, will not be able to file the lawsuit again, as it was dismissed with prejudice. The plaintiff sought to obtain $75 thousand dollars in damages for what he called “malicious, hurtful and damaging lies” on the part of the duchess.

The ruling also addressed Samantha’s allegations related to the chapter “A Problem Like Samantha” in the book “Finding Freedom,” which details the lives of Meghan and Prince Harry.

The judge ruled that Meghan could not be held liable for statements in a book she had not personally published, and that many of Samantha’s statements were merely opinions protected by law.

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