Chilean producer reveals what it was like to work with Luis Miguel: “It is extremely difficult” – El Diario NY

Chilean producer reveals what it was like to work with Luis Miguel: “It is extremely difficult” – El Diario NY

It is a secret to no one that Luis Miguel He is one of the artists of greatest importance and impact on the current music scene. And thanks to his long career as well as his great popularity among the public, the Mexican has earned a place in the Olympus of Latin music. However, and what perhaps few knew, is that the actor has earned the reputation of being a “complicated artist.”

Proof of the above is the recent statement by the Chilean producer Humberto Gaticawho revealed, during an interview, how “complicated” it was to work with the “México En La Piel” performer.

During his participation in the program “Qué Pasó Con Lo Que Pasó?” Gatica told about the failed collaboration he tried to carry out between Luis Miguel and the legendary singer Celine Dionwhich gave him a perspective on the Mexican singer’s attitude towards problems.

Luis Miguel performing in a show.
Luis Miguel recently canceled his performance in Bolivia.
Credit: Mezcalo

What did Humberto Gatica say about Luis Miguel?

In accordance with Gaticawas asked to work with Luis Miguel in a duet that the Mexican wanted as part of his album “Romance”. Given this request, the Chilean decided that the best option for this collaboration would be the Canadian singer Celine Dion.

Despite the opening for the performance of the duet, Gatica revealed that the difference in voices between Luis Miguel and Dion It was a difficult barrier to overcome. Given this, she decided that the best option to carry out the song, which was the song “Somos Novios”, would be to Celine Dion he would sing the song so that later the Mexican would “re-sing” the song.

Luis Miguel performing in a show.

After Celine access and carry out “his part”, Luis Miguelin accordance with Gaticacalled him to tell him that he couldn’t perform the song: “Brother, I don’t think I can sing the song again. “I don’t have time, I’m dead, I don’t think I can.”

Given this statement, and in a surprising way, the Chilean producer revealed that Luis Miguel He seemed extremely upset with him, to the point that he decided not to speak to him anymore. After the failed collaboration, both musicians separated. However, and according to the South American, he met El Sol de México years later at the Palacio de Bellas Artes backstage, where he confirmed the singer’s bad character due to the shouts and insults he uttered against the musicians. of the.

The bad experience lived with Luis Miguel made it clear in Gatica that the singer “is extremely talented, but extremely difficult.” Due to the above, and according to Humberto himself, he would not work with the “La Bikina” interpreter again due to this type of attitude.

It is worth mentioning that currently Luis Miguel He is on his “Luis Miguel Tour 2024” tour in South America. Subsequently, he will travel to the United States and then travel to Spain and close 2024 in Mexico.

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