Memes about Kate Middleton’s whereabouts flood the internet amid controversy

Memes about Kate Middleton’s whereabouts flood the internet amid controversy

Kate Middleton, Wale’s princess, has sparked controversy on social networks after one herself accepted in a statement that she retouched an image of herself with her children. A situation that has fueled theories about what is happening with her and why she has not made public appearances since her abdominal surgery in January.

Kate’s edited photo was published on her official Instagram account, however, international media reported that the photo had been edited, a situation that was confirmed after a statement from the Princess of Wales apologizing for the incident.

This situation has not only generated doubts about what is happening around the British Crownhas also generated memes on social networks.

Kate Middleton memes

As good Latin Americans, the reference to family problems after the grandmother’s will can never fail.

The memes even reached President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who is known that some of his morning conferences are not the most entertaining.

The series that revealed the history and certain scandals of the British royal family was also part of the memes surrounding the Princess of Wales.

Some were more creative and decided to prove that Kate Middleton did indeed enjoy a good Mother’s Day (in the United Kingdom it is March 10) with her children.

The gossip on social media was so intriguing that many spent hours talking about theories surrounding the English Crown.

The iconic scene from Toy Story was also recalled, in which Woody hides Buzz Lightyear’s true condition to receive help from his friends.

Finally, not even the Venezuelan Juan Guiadó was saved from the memes, as some mocked Guaidó on the occasion in which he proclaimed himself president of Venezuela in 2019, ignoring the legitimacy of the elections in which Nicolás Maduro won.

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