Mercedes’ George Russell suffered a serious and spectacular accident at the Australian Grand Prix in F1 – La Opinion

Mercedes’ George Russell suffered a serious and spectacular accident at the Australian Grand Prix in F1 – La Opinion

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The Australian Grand Prix, the third day of the Formula 1 championship in its 2024 season It was accomplished in a great way and had the surprise victory of the Spanish Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz, as well as the second place of his teammate, Charles Leclerc and the podium was completed by McLaren’s number one driver, the British Lando Norris.

One of the most outstanding and striking situations of this Grand Prix It was the early abandonment by the multiple and current Red Bull Racing world champion, Max Verstappen, as well as that of the British and future Ferrari driver in 2025, Lewis Hamilton.

Beyond the dominance of the Ferraris, and the good work of McLaren led by Lando Norris and his teammate Oscar Piastri (he was 4th), one of the most important images of the day was taken by George Russell at the end of the Australian Grand Prix and until then the only survivor who aspired to score points for himself and Mercedes in the constructors’ championship.

Quite dangerous accident

Just at the moment when there were just a few meters left for Carlos Sainz saw the checkered flag and in a fierce war with the also Spanish Fernando Alonso for 6th place on the grid, the Englishman got lost in turn 6 of the track and it was the beginning of the end.

A forced braking due to suddenly encountering Fernando Alonso’s carmade the Mercedes driver try to correct the course of the track, but he lost control of the car and the car went off the track, hitting the left rear end against the wall of protective tires and subsequently touching the front axle. the same wall and the car was destroyed.

After that, Russell’s car returned to the track and stopped on two wheels. in the middle of the circuit and when everything was over, Russell began to ask his team to notify the organizers and stewards of Formula 1 to stop the race immediately:

“Red flag, red, red, red, red! I’m in the middle of the track, in the middle,” said the native of King’s Lynn, United Kingdom.

Russell spoke about what happened

The race was able to finish without problems and Russell was helped to get out by their own means of the car. Once he finished the race, the driver had words for the media about everything that happened in said accident:

“My opinion is that I went off, and that’s my fault, but I was half a second behind Fernando 100 meters before the curve and suddenly he came towards me extremely fast and I was right in his gearbox,” explained the Briton in dialogue with Sky Sports F1.

“I don’t know if he had any problems or not. Let’s go see the commissioners, it’s a bit strange in a circumstance like this. I have nothing more to say right now, I need to see everything, I am disappointed to end the race like this,” added George Russell after his mistake at the closing of the Australian Grand Prix of the 2024 calendar of the highest category of world professional motorsport.

The next day for Formula 1 will be the weekend of April 5 to 7 when the drivers get ready to visit the Suzuka circuit to start the race in Japan, one of the tracks with the greatest history of the Great Circus.

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