Mexicans among the highest paid in Greece: Orbelín Pineda and Rodolfo Pizarro with millionaire salaries – La Opinión

Mexicans among the highest paid in Greece: Orbelín Pineda and Rodolfo Pizarro with millionaire salaries – La Opinión

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Greek football has been the home that allowed Orbelín Pineda and Rodolfo Pizarro a second chance. Although the Mexican soccer players arrived with the intention of recovering their level and staying in the Old Continent, “Maguito” and “Pizarrín” are prized jewels in the AEK of Athens and their million-dollar salaries prove it.

Rodolfo Pizarro arrived at the Greek team after running out of opportunities to play for Inter Miami, where Lionel Messi currently plays. Even though he didn’t come with good scrolls, AEK Athens offered him a juicy salary to keep him in Matías Almeyda’s team.

The case of Orbelín Pineda is similar. The former Cruz Azul player came to football in Greece after not having opportunities with Celta de Vigo from Spain. Likewise, the club conceives the Aztec as an important piece in the team and shielded him as one of the highest paid players in the league.

What is the salary of Rodolfo Pizarro and Orbelín Pineda?

According to information compiled by Fútbol Total MX, Orbelín Pineda and Rodolfo Pizarro are among the ten highest paid footballers in all of Greek football.

The first to enter this select list is Rodolfo Pizarro. The former Inter Miami player is located in eighth position in this ranking with a contract that gives him just over a million dollars a year.

On the other hand, Orbelín Pineda occupies sixth position in the table of the highest paid players in Greece. AEK Athens has retained the Mexican in exchange for million and a half dollars.

These figures make something clear in the panorama of Mexican soccer. The salaries that Pizarro and Pineda currently receive are lower than those they had in Liga MX. This is an example of the economic solidity of Mexican soccer that binds its players. Going out to the Old Continent is not attractive from a monetary point of view.

Besides, The highest paid footballer in Greek football is veteran Croatian defender Domagoj Vida. The renowned defender perceives $2.2 million dollars a year, a figure that is close to what Orbelín Pineda perceived in Cruz Azul. The difference is that the Mexican was not even close to the top positions in Liga MX.

Bad year for AEK Athens

Marian Almeyda could not achieve great results this season. Even though AEK Athens is first in Greek football, His performance in international cups has left much to be desired.

AEK Athens was eliminated from the UEFA Champions League in the qualifying phase. The Greek team was expelled from the competition by a modest team from Belgium. In the UEFA Europa League their performance was not very different. Those led by “Pelado” were eliminated in the group stage.

Orbelín Pineda accumulates 2,565 minutes played on the field during this season. These records are distributed over 35 matches played. The former Cruz Azul player has scored 3 goals and conceded 2 assists.

For his part, Rodolfo Pizarro has had less participation. The former Inter Miami player accumulates 22 games played. The talented Mexican soccer player has only been able to distribute one assist in just over 775 minutes on the field.

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