Mexico is left without its leader: Gerardo Martino can leave El Tri alone during his visit to Honduras

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El Tri equalized zero with the United States team. This draw at the Estadio Azteca Mexico did not qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Under these circumstances, the Mexican team will have to find their ticket outside of Aztec territory, but everything seems to indicate that Gerardo Martino will not accompany his followers on his next trip to Honduras.

It鈥檚 still not something I can confirm, there鈥檚 nothing I can say鈥, expressed Gerardo Martino after the game and in relation to his situation. 鈥淭ata鈥 had problems with his right eye. The Argentine coach suffered a retinal detachment a few months ago and is still not fully recovered.

Reports indicate that El Tri鈥檚 strategist will be doing the pertinent evaluations to determine your state of health and it has the capabilities to set foot on Honduran soil.

Gerardo Martino: it is not the first time that he has left El Tri

Last September, Mexico suffered the consequences of this same problem. As a result of the problems in the eye of 鈥淭ata鈥, the Mexican team had to face the games of Costa Rica and Panama without Martino on the bench. At that time his assistant Jorge Theiler was in charge of assuming that responsibility. In the event that the Argentine cannot attend the next Concacaf Octagonal match, Theiler will be in the technical zone this Sunday March 27 against Honduras.

An excuse not to fail?

The controversial journalist David Faitelson insinuated that This condition of Gerardo Martino could also be his 鈥渢icket out of the Mexican team鈥. Clearly, the Argentine does not find the best version of El Tri in the absence of a few months for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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