Mhoni Vidente reveals the exact DATE of the end of humanity and the world |  VIDEO

Mhoni Vidente reveals the exact DATE of the end of humanity and the world | VIDEO

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For many years an unknown has terrified humanity and it is the end of the world. On several occasions it has been assured that this would be soon to arrive, however, in the date stipulated, the happy end has not occurred nor has anything supernatural occurred that puts life as we know it at risk. Now, with the catastrophe on Earth, wars, drought, major earthquakes, hurricanes and viruses that continue to affect everyone’s health, Mhoni Vidente has come out to reveal the truth. When is the end of the world? This is what the fortune teller said.

One more timeMhoni Seer has released predictions for humanity. She is known for her controversial statements that go viral, however, no one can deny that on most occasions she is very accurate. On this occasion she revealed exclusively for the YouTube channel of El Heraldo de México the date exactly in which end of the world It will happen sooner than we expect.

“Every once in a while, humanity ends in the world. “Humanity is going to collapse, a total collapse is coming and it is giving us all the signs,” he said for Heraldo.

When is the apocalypse according to experts?

Mhoni Seer He assures that the end is about to come due to all the harmful events that are happening around the world. He assures that it will begin little by little and the situation will get worse until it reaches a complete war, which will result in the early disappearance of the human race. This period of apocalypse It would last almost 30 years.

“Society is going to collapse on May 13, 2031. It is going to be a long war. From the year 2031, all of humanity completely collapses in every sense until the year 2060, those years will be a total process of changes in humanity, in society… a third of humanity will remain. A total destruction,” said the fortune teller.


Mhoni Seer She has earned the public’s affection throughout her career as a fortune teller, this is because she has a unique way of reading cards, predicting the future and even guiding people towards their good. Over the years she has gained greater recognition due to how accurate her divinations are, so, if she claims that the end of the world and human life are yet to come, this is probably true.

“The ending of the world, I see, begins on May 13 with the revelation of the Virgin of Fatima again, with the last Roman father who is going to be Mexican and the sign of the antichrist begins,” Monhi concluded.

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