Alejandra Espinoza talks about her beginnings on television and its negative impact – El Diario NY

Alejandra Espinoza talks about her beginnings on television and its negative impact – El Diario NY

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Alejandra Espinoza revealed that during a particularly difficult time in her life, she suffered an anxiety crisis that led her to ask for professional help. The constant pressure of being a public figure and having to meet the expectations of others led her to feel very overwhelmed.

Anxiety is almost indescribable and very difficult to express to someone who does not suffer from it.“He said in an interview with Alejandro Chabán.

“I didn’t realize until I returned home that I was lost, it was really ugly, it was really horrible, because I couldn’t be found. I was very bad, I was always happy, and I didn’t know what I felt“He added during the conversation with the Venezuelan.

I had a horrible panic attack in Las Vegas… I was celebrating our anniversary with Aníbalsuper calm… we were crossing from one casino to another and I thought I was going to die, I started to feel everything that I thought was a heart attack, my arms were tingling, a horrible pain in my arm, my heart stopped. I was going to burst, I couldn’t even explain it to my husband… when I got to the bathroom, I started crying and I was asking God to please let me see Matteo, I was lying in a bathroom asking God that all I wanted to see was to Matteo,” he said.

Alejandra Espinoza and ‘Our Latina Beauty’

“It bothered me when they called me ‘brute’ because it was one of the words that people said to me the most. When I won Nuestra Belleza Latina I was not prepared to work on television, “But I wasn’t stupid at all,” she said after being the winner of a contest full of charm.

The former queen commented that she found support in her family and in working with her therapist to overcome this crisis. She learned to set limits and prioritize her emotional well-being above all else: “It affected me a lot. The first two years when I worked in television hurt me a lot, to the point that I didn’t want to work on television. “I was crying, it affected me too much.”

“Starting in January I started to lose a lot of weight because I got an irrational passion for running. I will never understand how people can be so cruel. “They are always going to find something bad, something negative, something they don’t like,” said.

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