Mhoni Vidente warns that April is the ‘month of DEATH’;  releases TRAGIC prediction for royalty

Mhoni Vidente warns that April is the ‘month of DEATH’; releases TRAGIC prediction for royalty


One of the most popular fortune tellers in the country is Mhoni Videntewho has such a peculiar style of revealing the future, which is what makes people consult his words regularly. In recent days, he has released a series of predictions for the month ahead so that we can all prepare to receive his forecasts. In one of his most recent predictions, he revealed that the monarchy is in danger due to the approaching death of one of the most powerful and important members, who is it? Here we reveal to you what she said.

Mhoni Vidente He has a great gift that allows him to anticipate the future, which is a blessing that he shares with the world to alert them of both good and negative events that may happen. At the beginning of this month, as always, he published on digital platforms his sightings for the next four weeks and all the changes that will occur due to the solar eclipse next Monday, April 8; In addition, he also investigated the lives of some important personalities in the world of entertainment and royalty.

In the area of ​​the monarchy, he highlighted that they will have very bad luck this month because death is loose and very close to one of the members of the Spanish royal family. The fortune teller revealed to El Heraldo de México that these are the last days of King Juan Carlos I of Spain, who on January 5 reached the age of 86, thus leaving great grief in his son, King Felipe VI, and his granddaughters, Princess Leonor de Borbón and Infanta Sofía de Borbón.

“Once again the eyes of the devil are going to appear, the eyes of Lucifer in heaven. In the month of April, the greatest Spanish monarch, King Juan Carlos, died. dies. The month of April is a month of death“It is going to be a month of total deaths and radical changes in the entire world,” said the Cuban.


His words have made everyone tremble, well, if this happens in the royalty will have a great loss and many changes would come after the death of King Juan Carlos I. In previous weeks Mhoni would have predicted Kate Middleton’s illness very accurately, which suggests that he could be right once again.

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