The promoters are the ones who want to place Scolari as coach of the Mexican National Team – La Opinion

The promoters are the ones who want to place Scolari as coach of the Mexican National Team – La Opinion

The version that has circulated in recent days about the possibility of the Brazilian coach playing in the World Cup with Brazil in 2002 and 2014, as well as with Portugal in 2006, Luiz Felipe Scolari, lead the Mexican team in the next 2024 World Cup, It is more an option that some Amazonian promoters use than an interest and real offer from the high command of the Mexican Football Federation commanded by Juan Carlos “La Bomba” Rodríguez.

For now, in journalistic versions in Mexico, they assured that Scolari’s option is far from being a real option and that the only occasion in which the Mexican managers have sat down to talk with the sought-after Brazilian coach was more than 20 years ago in the city of Miami, Florida.

On that occasion the talk was led by the president of the Mexican Football Federation through Alberto de la Torre, who was accompanied by the general secretary, Decio de María and by Gonzalo Fernández, a director related to the Aztec football leader.

However, after the talk, Femexfut opted for the Argentine Ricardo Antonio La Volpe, with the results that are already known in the 2006 World Cup, in which the Mexican team lost in the round of 16 against Argentina with a great goal from midfielder Maxi Rodríguez which left the Aztec team lying in the field of the city of Leipzig, Germany.

After that occasion, Scolari’s name had not come up again on the radar of the Mexican team, until now as an option to take over from Jaime Lozano, as long as he does not do well in the next Copa América that will take place. will play starting next June in several cities in the United States.

However, the reality of things, according to the version of TV Azteca colleague, David Medrano, is all due to the interest of some Brazilian promoters in placing Luiz Felipe in the Mexican national team, although if a change were made, who would have more options To enter the team they would be Ignacio Ambriz from Santos Laguna or André Jardine from América.

The reality of things is that the sword of Damocles has hung over the head of “Jimmy” Lozano for a long time, where experts and fans put pressure on his work, questioning his inexperience and lack of emblems to lead the national team. from Mexico.

jaime lozano2
Since he began his process in the Mexico national team, Jaime Lozano has been subject to scrutiny with frequent rumors that he will be relieved of his position, as now by Brazilian Luiz Felipe Scolari. Photo: Etzel Espinosa/Imago7.

On the other hand, Lozano has the support of the players and so far they have tried to stand up for their coach, beyond the clouds and speculation that have been generated after the defeat against the United States in the final of the Nations League. League.

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