Miami launches JOB for people who only speak Spanish with a salary of $2,800 a week

Miami launches JOB for people who only speak Spanish with a salary of $2,800 a week


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Once again, the USA show that the language barrier is no longer an impediment for you to find a job well paid, because Miami a job vacancy is launched for people who they only speak spanishand the best of all is that the salary is quite competitive, since you could earn up to $2,800 a week; This is what you should know about it.

It is important to mention that this job opportunity is without a doubt one of the most important in recent days, considering that throughout the entire United States no less than 60 million Spanish speaking people, which represents 18.9% of the country’s total population, and that is why thousands of companies They have implemented language diversity among their workers, and this is without a doubt a very competitive job position.

It has been through portal, where this important has been launched job offer which without a doubt has been positioned as one of the best salaries in recent weeks, and the best of all is that it is perfect for people who speak Spanish, because in Miami Florida looking for a person to fill the position of Sales executiveand these are the tasks you would have to perform if you were one of those selected:

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  • Guarantee work as specialists in the administration and sales area.
  • Good communication.
  • Preferential and personalized treatment to all clients.
  • Good communication skills,
  • Speak Spanish very well to offer a more personalized treatment.
  • Empathetic and open to talking to various people.

What do I need to work in Miami for $2,800 a week?

According to the specifications of the aforementioned portal, one of the main requirements with which the person interested in this must comply employment vacancy in Miami is to speak perfectly Spanish Language, In addition, the applicant must have a work permit or Green Card to be one of those selected and also have their own vehicle, since the work scheme is hybrid, and there will be times when you have to go to office and others where you can be from the comfort of your home.

Among the great benefits that this workplace Some are found as promotions within the company; residual income; bonuses and promotions for each of the sales that they materialize; incentives and trips from the first day of work; and you are going to control the time and the way in which you must meet the goals stipulated by your immediate boss, so without a doubt this is your great chance to start with a employment in USA.


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