People who can get the American VISA this 2024 and without an interview in just 3 days

People who can get the American VISA this 2024 and without an interview in just 3 days


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Believe it or not, one of the serious consequences of COVID-19 pandemic has been the delay in different procedures and one of them has been that of the American visabecause the waiting times are truly surprising and below we are going to show you who the people what can you obtain yours in just three days of this 2024 and the best of all is that they could get rid of the interview.

Let us remember that this document is of vital importance if your plans include traveling to the USA and you are originally from one of the countries that is outside the exemption program visa, since with this, the immigration authorities they have a greater control of the people who enter and the time they are within their territoryand without a doubt the process is somewhat intimidating for thousands.

And one of the steps to which applicants they face and what causes real fear It is nothing more and nothing less than interview with the consular officers, because over the course of just a few minutes they do a very thorough investigation about the reasons why you want to enter your country, Well, even if you don’t believe it, this step is very important, since if you don’t answer correctly, you could end up with your process.

But although the same data of the American embassy They point out that starting this Procedure You could have your appointment for the interview until 2026, The people we are going to introduce to you below could obtain their documentation much faster than you imagine, since according to whats experts they can have it in just three days and without the dreaded conversation with the consular officers.

American visa in 3 days?

It was through one or one of the recent communications issued by the United States Embassy and Consulates where it was announced that people who do not need to do an interview to obtain their American visa this 2024 are those that had the tourist or business visa (B1/B2) and that have only three months of expiration or are about to expire, and the best of all is that the renewal would be delivered to them in just three days.

“The Consulate General of the United States offers a consular interview waiver program, which allows many applicants to renew their visas without the need for an interview at the Consulate,” wrote the Embassy of the North American country.

Be careful, it is important to mention that the eligible applicants They must send their visa application with the DS-160 format, and pay the processing fee, as well as schedule an appointment with the Applicant Service Center (CAS) for fingerprinting, photography, valid passport review and expired visasince once the documentation is reviewed you could receive yours in just a few days and continue with your travel plans.

And it seems that this measure was taken in accordance with the high demand levels who has presented the procedure this 2024, and with this they hope to significantly speed up waiting times, although the most late are the ones who face the application for the first time.


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