Migbelis Castellanos recounts some experiences she has had with dating apps – El Diario NY

Migbelis Castellanos recounts some experiences she has had with dating apps – El Diario NY

On one occasion, Migbelis Castellanos made a date with a boy she met on a dating app. Although everything seemed to be going well during the chat conversation, when they met in person, she realized that they didn’t have much in common and the chemistry just wasn’t there. Plus, she cheated on her in other ways.

“He said he was very French, he was six feet tall… and when I saw him, it turns out he wasn’t. What the boy was looking for was someone to give him the papers because he was clean. (who didn’t have any money),” he expressed in a new broadcast on ‘Desiguales’.

Migbelis has recently been seen with a partner, although she does not rule out the full use of these platforms and could be open to the possibility of meeting someone special through dating applications. She recognizes that, just like any other way of meeting people, there can be ups and downs and that it’s important not to get discouraged by a bad experience. However, He said that one strategy could be using the camera’s social network and explained the reason.

Migbelis Castellanos on Univision tells some personal experiences.
Migbelis Castellanos on Univision tells some experiences.
Credit: Mezcalo

I feel like it’s safer through Instagram because there is the first and last name and you can do a little research“said the Venezuelan, although we remember that it is not a platform that specializes in targeting people who enter it.

By sharing her story, the professional model also wants to remind those who use dating apps that it is always important to be honest and clear in your intentions, as well as Take safety precautions when meeting someone in person for the first time. Despite the risks, meaningful connections and lasting relationships can also emerge through these platforms.

The television host took the opportunity to highlight that she does not put information about her life on these platforms: “In dating apps I don’t put my first and last name, only my nickname. So if you see a Migbelis, it’s not me“.

Furthermore, they explained in the program that a highlight is tell someone you know or relatives that you are going out with a stranger, This is how they should indicate some information to be alert in case an unexpected situation occurs.

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