“My children hated her”: Shakira attacks ‘Barbie’ – 24 Hours

“My children hated her”: Shakira attacks ‘Barbie’ – 24 Hours

After the success achieved with her latest singles, which have mostly been collaborations with renowned artists such as Manuel Turizo, Fuerza Regida, Karol G and the group Fuerza Regida, the Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira was once again the focus of criticism for his statements about Barbie (2023) in the magazine Allure.

After a review of her career in recent years and a brief portrait of her latest successes, the interviewer from the fashion and beauty magazine asked the singer if she had seen Barbie. He answered yes, and, after a pause, added:

“My kids really hated her. They felt that they were being devirilized (castrated). And I agree, to a certain extent. I am raising two children. I want them to feel empowered (while) respecting women. I like popular culture when it empowers women without robbing men of the ability to be men who can protect and provide. I think we have to give women all the tools and all the confidence that we can do everything without losing our essence, without losing our femininity. And I believe that men have a purpose in society, just as women have their purpose too. We complement each other, and that complement cannot be lost,” she stressed.

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As soon as he finishes that statement, the interviewer turns around: “Just because a woman can do it all doesn’t mean she should?”. And the singer answers: “Why not share the burden with people who deserve to carry it, who have a duty to carry it too?”.

The shower of criticism did not wait, especially for the release of his new album. Women no longer cry, in which the artist reflects through her lyrics on the metamorphosis of her own life: from her last years, her divorce with the famous former soccer player, the connection with others and, among other things, the resilience that she said she found with women. That is, users believe that what the singer-songwriter says and does contradicts herself.

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Due to the above, Internet users on X have spoken out about it, issuing comments such as:

“Shakira and her perpetual opportunism, which she uses to always take advantage of any situation to reveal her truth: that everything about her is cosmetics that camouflage lukewarmness, conservatism and her very traditional positions disguised as a pop trend.”

“Maybe it’s time to accept that Shakira is not a feminist but a woman with power. And now, continue life like this.”

“If Shakira loses The Women no longer cry for being outwardly, the truth is I’m going to be happy.”

The full interview can be read in the following link.

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