Natti Natasha opens her jacket to show her voluptuous breasts

Natti Natasha opens her jacket to show her voluptuous breasts

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The singer Natti Natasha after a few months made the determination to continue sharing more about her personal life on her Instagram social network account, thus keeping her more than 36 million followers of the aforementioned platform captive.

The Dominican recently shared a short video where she can be seen in a very daring way, while wearing tight-fitting pants, and an open jacket that shows off her lingerie as well as the size of her voluptuous breasts.

“The friend who always picks you up before going out. Giving a wig”, was the message that accompanied the aforementioned publication that has more than 78,000 “likes” and more than a thousand expressions from people who decided to express their opinion in the content.

Internet users took the time to leave more than a thousand comments on the publication, and many of them took the opportunity to highlight that she is a very “beautiful” Dominican, as well as others highlighted the countries where they would like to see her.

However, not all the impressions were positive, and it is that as usual they were a bit divided, while on repeated occasions they highlighted that it had many extensions. Therefore, they considered it prudent to use much less.

“The queen is so beautiful”, “I love you, but Vida stole the show, more concentrated than a juice in China”, “Many extensions, honey”, “How do I reproduce it a thousand times?”, “We love you life from Honduras”, “Many extensions, honey”, “There is always a friend that I do not repost”, “You have too much makeup”“When she was plumper, she was prettier”, “The best of the urban genre”, “You are quite a beautiful queen”, “The fight of your life”, “The hardest of the hard ones”, “The queen of the world, Natti Nat”, “Oh, I’m dying for you my queen”, “How beautiful”, “OMG how beautiful”, “God how beautiful”, “I love you”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the aforementioned post.

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