New York Yankees roster that will see action in games against the Red Devils in Mexico – La Opinion

New York Yankees roster that will see action in games against the Red Devils in Mexico – La Opinion

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The New York Yankees made the players who will travel official and public knowledge with the team to Mexico to play a series of games, 2 in total, as part of what is the pre-season ahead of the opening day of the 2024 Major League Baseball season.

The so-called ‘Mulos del Broxn’ will be facing the Red Devils of Mexicowho have in their ranks two great reinforcements such as the former pitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Trevon Bauer and the Dominican and former Yankees player, Robinson Canó, so these confrontations are much more special and have a plus that It will generate much more interest in fans.

Official roster of the New York Yankees prior to the trip to Mexico.

Launchers: Clayton Andrews, Víctor González, Matt Keating, Jonathan Loaisiga, Josh Maciejeweski, Alex Mauricio, Anthony Misiewicz, Jack Neely, Dennis Santana, Luis Serna, Tanner Tully, Danny Watson, Luis Velasquez, Duane Underwood Jr.

Receivers: JC Escarra, José Trevino, Jesús Rodríguez and Carlos Narvaez.

Infielders: Max Burt, Jordan Groshan, Jared Serna, Kevin Smith, Anthony Volpe

Gardeners: Greg Allen, Oscar González, Cole Gabrieldson, Nelson Medina, Grant Richardson and Giancarlo Stanton.

Utilities: Oswaldo Cabrera, José Rojas.

Notable absences:

The Dominican and one of the offensive leaders of the New York team, Juan Soto, It will not be from the series of games since he is in Tampa Bay working on his offense, making adjustments to his hitting mechanics to arrive ready and 100% prepared for the New Yorkers’ opening day.

Aaron Judge: The captain will not make the trip either due to physical discomfort in his abdomenso the best thing for him was to rest according to the instructions of the Yankees doctors.

DJ Lemahieu: Although he was one of the most exciting to make the trip to MexicoAccording to manager Aaron Boone, he has had problems on the left side of his body and the team made the decision to rest him.

Other players like the Mexican Alex Verdugo, one of the most anticipated in the Aztec nation to see him play, but for unknown reasons he is not on the roster. As well as the Venezuelan Gleyber Torres, Anthony Rizzo, Trent Grismah, etc.

Demands of the Yankees to play in Mexico

The matches between the New York Yankees and the Red Devils of Mexico will be played at the Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium facilities and according to information provided by the Mexican organization, the Yankees had several requests to be able to finalize said matches.

The requirements of ‘Los Mulos del Bronx’ range from technology to towels for the weekend in which they will be living in Mexico City. A hot tub, hydrocollator, ultrasound machine, and examination table were requested.

Order details

The thickness of the mattress that massage tables for players should have in the Yankees’ dressing rooms, the water temperature, 600 towels, as well as requests for modifications to the Club House and a fiber optic plan for the Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium.

“A National League game is covered by 10 to 15 cameras, an international game“Due to the participation of chains and various projects, commercial agreements, we have up to 30 cameras, this entails new electrical installations, new fiber optic cables, bandwidth issues, you will see auxiliary cabins for radio and TV,” reveals Francisco Ramos, director of the Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium, told ESPN.

Modifications for the Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium

“People from the Yankees came, we already had protocol visits“, for travel, for security, they will continue to come, we expect visits all the time, it is part of their job, both in sports and in accommodation,” adds the manager.

“The fact of having Major League experience gives you a lot of experience, because what one of those games asks of you is what the Yankees ask of you.”I already said it once, it is very difficult the first time and less difficult the second time. In the games a year ago, we were nervous, we didn’t even know where to run. Today the experience, the team, gives us peace of mind,” commented Othón Díaz, president of the Red Devils of Mexico to ESPN.

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