Ninel Conde is told that she looks like Lyn May: “She did so many things on her face that she is unrecognizable”

Ninel Conde is told that she looks like Lyn May: “She did so many things on her face that she is unrecognizable”



Ninel Conde was invited again to ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’, a program she attends quite frequently. Images of this new visit by the singer and actress to the show have been shared on social networks and the reactions of viewers have not been long in coming, as is usual on these digital platforms.

This time the fans of Ninel Conde expressed themselves about the appearance of the Mexican, as they point out that her face no longer looks the same as before. They even compared her to Lyn May. These are some of the messages left in reference to this situation:

“It looks like another person, it is not his natural face”, “He did so many things to his face that he is unrecognizable,” “So much stretched out in the face she looks like Madonna, she no longer gives that skin”, “Lynn May looks good! It’s good that they fixed his face.” “Oh no, what happened to his face?” “That poor Ninel is scarier every day” and “Ninel can hardly see her eyes” were some of the words left by social network users in a photo where Ninel Conde appears with Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina.

This is not the only time that Conde has received criticism after his visit to the famous program. In the month of April she attended as a guest and on that occasion she was criticized for her way of walking in heels, because she looked somewhat uncomfortable.

“What do they wear those heels for if they don’t know how to walk?” “Do you have leg problems??? or just can’t with those shoes? “In my opinion, she has problems with her shoes… they don’t let her walk well”“She walks with a limp, without elegance, as if she didn’t know how to walk in heels”, “I see her walking and I feel that her feet suffer”, “She walks like it’s her first time wearing heels.”

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