Oliver Bearman, the 18-year-old Ferrari driver and the million-dollar business behind his F1 debut – La Opinion

Oliver Bearman, the 18-year-old Ferrari driver and the million-dollar business behind his F1 debut – La Opinion

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The highest category of professional motorsport, Formula 1, continues to be dominated by the number one driver of Red Bull Racing, Max Verstappen, who ceased to be the only member of the main spotlight due to the arrival of the promising English driver Oliver Bearman, who was the protagonist of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Bearman had taken pole position in Formula 2 but hours later he surprisingly made the jump to Formula 1 to replace the Spanish Carlos Sainz who had to undergo surgery at the last minute for appendicitis.

Exceptional performance for the British

Oliver Bearman had a grand debut in Formula 1 behind the wheel of the Ferrari car: He was able to cross the finish line in 7th place on the drivers’ grid and was chosen as the driver of the day. The British newspaper The Sun recently revealed a topic about the life of the young promise who has been at the Maranello driver academy for two years: “The F1 star, Oliver Bearman, is a millionaire at only 18 years of age.”

The aforementioned newspaper indicates that Bearman is the owner of a “racing company” that is growing “at full speed.” The firm is currently called OBR Management Ltd and has assets in the amount of $400,000 and must be paid almost one million in North American currency. “This means that the teenage prodigy has a paper value of 1,076,993 pounds (more than 1 million 300 thousand dollars),” journalist Michael Hamilton made clear.

The company “channels its F1 profits and presented the accounts until June 30, 2023.” According to information released by the British state, the company was founded in June 2020 under the name Ollie Bearman Racing Limited, but decided to change its name in mid-2022. It is in the name of “other sporting activities” and Oliver appears as one of the directors from 2023 together with his father.

Bearman’s earnings

Other information spread by the aforementioned newspaper is that Ollie must be earning around $100 to $200 thousand dollars annually. as a Prema Racing driver in Formula 2, although “he makes more money through sponsorship deals.” Several indicators have been given the task of calculating that the English driver, who will turn 19 next May, would have already accumulated around $2 million dollars so far in his brief sporting career in the world of motor sports. . His name and image are one of the most sought after and requested by various brands, and this can be seen reflected on his official website. He has at least eight sponsors, including even his father’s brand.

“Oliver has burst onto the scene and will add millions to his profits in the coming years. It’s very marketable and nice., so companies will want to partner with it. And the fact that he is dating Estelle, who could also earn millions working as a model, only increases her value,” was information released by a source to The Sun. Estelle is Estelle Ogilvy, a 21-year-old law student influencer defined in England as a “TikTok sensation,” who has more than 86,000 followers on that social network and has surpassed 100,000 on Instagram.

Until now Bearmean will continue to drive the second Ferrari car while the Spanish Carlos Sainz fully recovers from his recent surgery for appendicitis.

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