Ómicron pauses the return to schools in the United States

Ómicron shakes the return to school in the United States.

Ómicron shakes the return to school in the United States.

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The explosion of cases covid-19 because of the rapid expansion of the Omicron variant forced several America’s school systems will take exceptional measuresWhile some extended their vacations, others resumed online classes.

More than 2,100 primary and secondary schools In the country they said they would not offer face-to-face classes for at least part of this week.

However, there were also those who went ahead with face-to-face classes, feeling that both the country and the entire world must go ahead with their plans, on a path to coexist with the virus.

In some cases, can’t agree: in school districts in cities like New York, Detroit, and MilwaukeeOn the one hand, there are the requests almost as a plea from teachers who fear they will be infected, while on the other are the parents who ask that their children return to the classroom.

In some cases, it is reported shortage of personl to the fear of the teachers to collapse.

Eric Adams, the new mayor of New York City, told the media that the headquarters of the largest public school system in the country will have a reserve of covid diagnostic kits to take home and that random tests in schools will be doubled. “We are going to be safe and we are going to be open to educate our children,” he said.

The union asked the mayor to postpone face-to-face classes for another week, but municipal officials say that, with masks, screening tests and other measures, it is safe to stay in schools.

In the last two weeks, Covid-19 cases have tripled in the United States, until reaching the highest level recorded: 400,000 infections per day.

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