Who was the inhabitant saved by Patricia Corcino in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’?  – The NY Journal

Who was the inhabitant saved by Patricia Corcino in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’? – The NY Journal

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Patricia Corcino, Puerto Rican television presenter, chose this week’s save, who was the Mexican actor Paulo Quevedo. Her decision comes after the Puerto Rican woman retained this power after winning the challenge against singer Lupillo Rivera.

As was mentioned on Friday, the leader of the week was going to rescue anyone who was not from the fourth Earth and she complied, which shows that the strategies are quite defined by the competitors, especially a few weeks before the start. celebrate the grand finale.

Nacho Lozano asked him some characteristics that define the person he chose and described the actor as a loyal and protective person in whom he felt confident since he arrived on the program.

With their decision, they are at risk of leaving Maripily Rivera, Rodrigo Romeh, Alana Llitera and Clovis Nienow.

According to the surveys, between Clovis and Alana they have the most votes, so the number 13 eliminated from the reality show could be Maripily or Romeh. However, this is something that is not known exactly, and even less so with this week’s surprise with the elimination of Colombian model Ariadna Gutiérrez.

What happened at this Sunday’s gala in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’?

The last day of the week is usually the most intense in the reality show, since they are on the verge of a new elimination and in addition, the participants face positioning, in which they tell their truths.

One of the most critical situations of the night involved Maripily Rivera, who said several insults to Cristina Porta and Lupillo Rivera.

There was also a lot of talk about how long the teams will be in the reality show, because with the eliminations and plays it is possible that several will have to play independently and that will be where the connection with the public becomes their best ally to be able to stay a few weeks further inside the house and thus get closer to the $200,000 dollar prize.

In particular, there was the annoyance of Cristina Porta, who refuses to let the Fuego team join another room. “In Spain they say ‘no water to the enemy’ and at this moment I don’t care at all about anyone from Water or Land,” she said.

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