Penélope Cruz celebrates her 50th birthday with a party full of celebrities – El Diario NY

Penélope Cruz celebrates her 50th birthday with a party full of celebrities – El Diario NY


The actress Penelope Cruz He turned 50 and decided to celebrate with everything. The Spanish actress took advantage of her stay in New York to, first, dance to the rhythm of Bad Bunny’s music at the concert that the Puerto Rican singer gave in the Big Apple, and then enjoy a party full of celebrities.

Far from its usual secrecy, the videos and photos of the fun evening this time abounded on social networks, to the point of even going viral.

It all started on Sunday night at the Puerto Rican show, where Pedro Almodóvar’s muse arrived hand in hand with her husband, also actor Javier Bardem. In the VIP box, the couple experienced the show through pure dancing. In a video that the protagonist of “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona” recorded and that went viral on the networks, you can see the actress while she sings “La Jumpa”, one of the favorite songs of the artist who sings with Árcangel.

“My name is Arcángel, a pleasure, a pleasure,” the actress can be heard singing very enthusiastically, while she dances and laughs, very funny. Bardem then turns the phone around, stays in the foreground and gestures to the audience, while the song follows him in the background.

Once the show, which was part of the singer’s Most Wanted Tour, ended, Cruz and Bardem had the chance to visit Bad Bunny in the dressing room. The Spanish couple, one of the most beloved in the scene, took advantage of the opportunity and immortalized the moment with a postcard that also reached the public through social networks.

Although that could have been the perfect ending for their 50th, Cruz and Bardem went to celebrate the Spanish woman’s big day with a group of famous guests on a terrace in New York. Much loved by her family and friends, no one wanted to miss Penelope’s party. Thus, they paraded through the event from Salma Hayek and Ricky Martinuntil Irina Shayk. Also present were Rosalía, Goya Toledo, René and Mónica Cruz, sister and confidant of the actress.

After the drinks, the music, the selfies and the good atmosphere that took over the place, it was time for Cruz to blow out the candles. In front of a huge chocolate cake and hugged the entire time by Bardem, the actress sang the classic song with those present and applauded excitedly before asking for her three wishes.

Currently, Penélope Cruz lives in Spain, has been married to Bardem for 14 years, and dedicates her days, when she is not on set, to her two children: Leo and Luna.

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