PHOTO: Celine Dion reappears on social networks with a renewed appearance – El Diario NY

PHOTO: Celine Dion reappears on social networks with a renewed appearance – El Diario NY

Celine Dion has once again raised the hopes of his followers and fans with his most recent appearance. And after the Canadian reappeared publicly in previous weeks at the 2024 Grammy Awards, Dion confirmed her good health again after being diagnosed with rigid person syndrome since the end of 2022.

It was through her social networks that the “I Drove All Night” singer published a photograph with her children as part of Rigid Person Syndrome Awareness Day. In this photograph, the singer is posing with her children, the result of her marriage to the deceased. Rene Angelil: René-Charles Angelil23 years old and twins eddy and Nelson 13 years old.

However, what was truly striking about the photograph, according to a large number of the Canadian’s followers and singers, was the obvious improvement in her appearance after her appearance at the Grammys last February.

Celine Dion promises to return to the stage

In the same publication, where you see Dion Posing with her children in what appears to be a stand on an awards podium, the singer described part of her experience with this disease and her desire to return to music.

Trying to overcome this autoimmune disorder has been one of the most difficult experiences of my life, but I remain determined to one day get back on the scene and live as normal a life as possible. I am deeply grateful for the love and support of my children, my family, my team and all of you!

Celine Dion

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At the end of her message, the singer also took the time to send her encouragement and support to all people who suffer from the same disorder: “I want to send my encouragement and support to all those around the world who have been affected by the MSF. I want you to know that you can do it! We can do it!

It is worth mentioning that prior to its appearance in the Grammy and on her social networks, the artist’s sister, Claudette, revealed, last December, that her sister had lost the mobility and control of her muscles.

Celine Dion posing on a red carpet.
Celine Dion revealed that she intends to return to music.
Credit: Mezcalo

Despite the gloomy diagnosis, Claudette He also pointed out that his sister was “fighting” with this disease, which is characterized by the action of the immune system to attack the central nervous system itself (brain and spinal cord).

However, and after the singer’s recent appearances, everything seems to indicate that the Canadian has made surprising progress in the treatment of her illness, so it would not be a surprise to see her return to the music scene in a short time.

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