PHOTO: Megan Fox causes a stir on social networks by publishing a photo of herself without a drop of makeup – El Diario NY

PHOTO: Megan Fox causes a stir on social networks by publishing a photo of herself without a drop of makeup – El Diario NY

Megan fox It provoked a large number of reactions and comments on various social networks after publishing a photo of herself, through her official Instagram account, without a drop of makeup.

However, and contrary to what most imagined, the goal of the “Transformers” performer, when sharing her photograph, was not to show herself “naturally” but to reveal that she was in the process of repairing her hair, after her passing through the festival Coachellawith the help of a hair product brand.

In the image, Fox She appears standing in front of a mirror wearing a bra, pajama pants as well as the pair of products.

Megan Fox causes a stir on social networks

The photography of Megan foxdespite having a different purpose, did not go unnoticed by a large number of followers and fans of the actress, who mentioned the “beauty” of the American through various messages: “I love this photo. It’s so real. We need more of this!”, “You are pretty even without makeup,” “You are beautiful and you look like a real woman.”

However, the actress was not spared from various criticisms and accusations from people who showed their discontent towards the artist by returning to old criticisms in which the excess of surgeries on her face was mentioned.

In previous weeks, and regarding this topic, the interpreter of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” revealed, through an interview with the media “Call Her Daddy”, that she has undergone more than one aesthetic intervention such as three breast augmentation procedures, an intervention on her nose, application of Botox in various parts of the face as well as as filler in lips and other areas.

Megan Fox participating in an event.

To the above are also added surgeries such as face lifting, liposuction as well as extraction of oral fat.

In the same participation, the American mentioned that she plans to have a gluteoplasty, which focuses on increasing the buttocks, however, and because she does not have body fat, she will not be able to carry it out soon.

Megan Fox gives advice to single women after breaking off engagement to Machine Gun Kelly

During his time at the festival Coachella, Megan fox was interviewed regarding her recent separation with the musician Machine Gun Kelly so she was asked to provide advice for single women.

When asked this question, the actress mentioned that she is not the best advisor, however she did not avoid stating that the best thing for a woman in this circumstance is to learn new skills or dedicate herself to exciting hobbies.

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