VIDEO: Christian Nodal disappoints his fans by reappearing very differently from his photos – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Christian Nodal disappoints his fans by reappearing very differently from his photos – El Diario NY

Christian Nodal became the target of criticism, accusations and even ridicule after showing his “true” appearance during his most recent appearance at an event promoting the Latin Grammy.

The Mexican was interviewed about what happened at the ceremony as well as his impressions of it. However, the truly “controversial” thing about the interview was how different the Sonoran artist looked compared to the series of photographs that the same singer shared on his social networks weeks ago.

In these images, which were part of the promotional campaign for their upcoming releases, Nodal He appears without his classic tattoos on his face in addition to showing off a slimmer complexion and a younger appearance.

Faced with these photographs, a large number of users could not help but be surprised and enchanted by the singer’s new image, even mentioning that he had a slight resemblance to the American actor. Johnny Depp.

To the above, comments were added that mentioned that Nodal had had a kind of “rebirth”, in addition to others in which allusion was made to Belinda and how “regretful” I would be if I were not, currently, the couple of Nodal.

Not all that glitters is gold

Despite the variety of criticisms in favor of Nodalhis recent appearance in the city of Miami, headquarters of the event of the Latin Grammy They “threw all these impressions overboard” because the Mexican was, once again, sporting his typical tattoos on his face in addition to looking “very different” from his publications on his social networks.

Christian Nodal performing in a show.

Given this, dozens of people “attacked” the Mexican singer, mentioning that he had abused the filters in his photographs. Several people even commented that the artist looked more like Walter Mercado that to Johnny Depp.

The criticisms and accusations towards Nodal They did not go unnoticed by another group of the singer’s fans, who defended him by saying that all stars use filters in their photos to look different.

Christian Nodal posing.
Christian Nodal is in a relationship with fellow singer Cazzu.
Credit: Mezcalo

Christian Nodal and Cazzu clear separation rumors

Prior to his recent appearance at the event of the Latin Grammysources close to the singer revealed that he had decided to move, permanently, to the United States but without his partner, the singer. cazzuand their daughter, Inti. Given this, it was mentioned that the couple could be immersed in marital problems.

However, the most recent publications of both parents, where their daughter is seen swimming in a pool, show that the musicians are more than happy and enjoying their family.

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