PHOTOS: Cristian Castro’s romantic vacation with his new girlfriend, Ingrid Wagner – El Diario NY

PHOTOS: Cristian Castro’s romantic vacation with his new girlfriend, Ingrid Wagner – El Diario NY

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After just a few weeks ago, Cristian castro ended his romance with Mariela Sanchezamid rumors of infidelities on his part, the singer quickly recovered from the breakup and found love again in Ingrid Wagner. Now, the couple took a romantic trip through Europe, where the artist did not hesitate to show how in love he is with his new girlfriend.

In February, the interpreter’s love life once again gave something to talk about. After two months of dating and after having introduced her to his mother, Verónica Castro, he separated from Mariela.

“He is jealous like anyone else and there was an argument and I made the decision to return to Argentina,” said the 42-year-old woman in a note with the ‘Intruders’ program. “There is no chance of returning. It’s not going to happen that he comes looking for me. I’m sure. I never had anything bad about him. Yes, we had a big argument at the end, in which he saw something that wasn’t the case and I couldn’t stand it.”Sánchez revealed.

But in the last few hours, Cristian published several photos on his Instagram account from his recent vacation with Ingrid in London. The agenda of activities included a dinner at a luxurious hotel, a walk in the park and photos with Big Ben in the background.

A love London, but she is heaven”wrote the artist on one of the postcards. Wagner’s response? “I love you my love”. In the images the couple could be seen in “tourist mode” walking along the Thames River with the London Eye illuminated in the background. Furthermore, between selfies, shopping and knowing glances, they took the opportunity to explore the green areas that the city offers.

But that was not all, because the couple also took the opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner in the restaurant of one of the most famous hotels in London. The singer dressed in a suit and shared a meal with his girlfriend that, as it could not be otherwise, featured live music. “Thank God for the presence of my sweet girlfriend“, expressed Cristian Castro in another of the images.

Who is Ingrid Wagner

As for the woman who conquered the heart of the “Azul” singer, on her Instagram profile – where she has 10,000 followers – Ingrid Wagner presents herself as lawyer and plastic artist.

Additionally, she is a mother of five children. Among her publications there are postcards of her travels around the world, of her moments with her family and also of her work with painting and ceramics.

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