Maripily Rivera breaks down in tears after confrontation with Lupillo: ‘That man is bad’ – El Diario NY

Maripily Rivera breaks down in tears after confrontation with Lupillo: ‘That man is bad’ – El Diario NY


Maripily Rivera burst into tears after Lupillo Rivera said in the April 28 position that she showed her private parts to several men, including him, within ‘The House of the Famous 4’. The accusations made the Puerto Rican woman burst into tears because she claims that she has not had that behavior and that it has defamed her.

In a conversation with Rodrigo Romeh, the artist said: “What a liar, I would be incapable, how can a person be full of so much hatred and so much falsehood? And slander me, defame me like that. That man is bad, he is capable of anything.”

In addition to this, he stated to other teammates such as Geraldine Bazán: “It’s a game, but I would be incapable of doing something like what they just did to me now.”

The famous woman said that she has lived with four or five men in the competition and has never done anything like this.

“I have never known evil as strong as here and it is very strong, because how can a man change overnight and stand here and then at dinner you see him calm, I had to stop and leave. “I can’t be a hypocrite, my body was talking,” revealed about the moment he left the table with the other nominees.

Maripily said that she trembled with anger and that she would give way to her emotions because Lupillo Rivera made her feel very bad.

Later, in the suite, the actress stated through tears: “Oh, Lord, give me the strength to finish, give me strength, because I feel like I’m falling.”

Shortly before the elimination, the famous woman told Nacho Lozano: “I would be worried if Lupillo stays, because he is a pretty dirty player, with very false strategies, capable of anything and being able to verbally attack any participant for wanting to reach the top.” final or win, because he has always said it, that he came to win.”

This whole situation has caused tensions to increase, since the differences are increasing between the two and this could intensify as the days go by, because the grand final is approaching.

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