Pokémon and Toyota team up to turn Miraidon into a real motorcycle

Pokémon and Toyota team up to turn Miraidon into a real motorcycle

Pokémon Scarlet & Purple had a fascinating idea to implement the two legendaries on their cover: Koraidon and Miraidon They are two lizard-like creatures that can turn into motorcycles so the player can explore the huge open world. The Scarlet legendary has a more prehistoric design, while the Purple one has a more futuristic design. That is why this franchise has just collaborated with toyota to make an awesome Miraidon based motorcycle.

The legendary Pokémon Miraidon is a motorcycle in the real world!

Miraidon Moto Img 1Miraidon Moto Img 1
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The project has been revealed by toyota in Tokyo, under the name «Toyota Engineering Society Miraidon Project». As we can see in the images, the Legendary Pokémon that stars in the Purple Version was transformed into a real motorcycle, in an impressive recreation that is quite faithful to its interpretation within the game. For example, its circular chin serves as a wheel and its arms are not touching the ground, exactly the same as Miraidon’s model when the player uses it to travel around the region of Paldea.

At the exhibition site we were also able to see photos of a sketch with a 3D model of Miraidon, which details what its internal parts would look like. And we cannot forget his eyes, which seem to have LED lights, just like the ones this charismatic legend has in the game. It is more than evident that the engineers working at Toyota have a huge level of appreciation for Miraidon, as they managed to replicate even the smallest details of the legendary Pokémon on this motorcycle.

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Although it is completely understandable that they chose Miraidon to carry out this project, due to its more futuristic design that fits better in our modern world, many fans hope that one day Toyota will also decide to create a motorcycle with a design of Koraidon, the legendary from Pokémon Scarlet, which is also extremely popular. Both legendaries have managed to conquer the hearts of all Scarlet & Purple players, so it would be great to be able to bring them both into the real world.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more information about it yet, so we still don’t know if this Miraidon bike actually works (Although we can assume it does) or if it will even be put up for sale to the public. However, this ambitious project that was born from the collaboration between Pokémon and Toyota has already managed to impact the public, and we can’t wait to find out more. It would be great if it were available for sale as we would love to see groups of people riding their Moto-Miraidon through the cities of Japan.

What do you think of this Pokémon and Toyota project? If you had the money, would you buy a Miraidon motorcycle? Leave us your opinion below!

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