Selena Gómez is again accused by artist Sarah Bahbah of plagiarizing her work – El Diario NY

Selena Gómez is again accused by artist Sarah Bahbah of plagiarizing her work – El Diario NY

The successful return of Selena Gomez to the music scene, with the song and video clip “Love On”, has not been exempt from certain controversies and criticisms. And according to the artist of Palestinian origin, Sarah Bahbahthe American plagiarized her work through her most recent audiovisual material.

It should be noted that just a few days ago, the actress also released her song “Love On” after months of her last release: the song “Single Soon” in August 2023.

However, despite the warm welcome and reception from the fans and followers of the artist of Latin origin, Gomez was not saved from being accused by Bahbahwho in previous years also accused the “Ice Cream” performer of plagiarism.

Selena Gomez posing on a red carpet.

What did Sarah Bahdah say about Selena Gomez’s new video?

According to the Arab artist, who published her discontent through a video on her official Instagram account, Selena Gomez “copied” much of the style and art of his short films, “I Like You”, released in February 2022, and “Untangled”, released in the same month but from 2023.

As revealed by the self-proclaimed independent artist, Gomez He “took” various takes of his materials to build the video for “Love On”. It should be noted that, according to Bahbahthe American even filmed her video clip in the same location where the artist made her short films.

Within the same “complaint” video, Sarah shows various frames of the video Selena and then compare them with scenes similar to those included in his work.

The Palestinian artist also returned to the controversy that arose in 2018 when she pointed out that Gomez “could” have been inspired by his style for the video for his song “Back To You”. After her statement, Bahbah He confessed and criticized the thin line that exists today regarding what the words inspiration and plagiarism mean.

After the publication of the artist with Australian roots, fans and followers of Selena Gomez They lashed out against Bahbahwhich caused Sarah had to disable comments on his post to avoid further attacks.

It is worth mentioning that until now, and after the publication of Bahbah For days, the “Calm Down” singer has not responded or clarified anything regarding the artist’s accusations.

Currently, and after the release of “Love On”, the American actress revealed that she is filming the new season of the series “Only Murders In The Building” alongside Martin Short and Steve Martin. Likewise, and thanks to her same publications, Selena will soon begin working on the biopic of artist Linda Ronstadt as well as on the sequel to the Disney series “The Wizards Of Waverly Place.”

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