Price of the dollar TODAY in Mexico: MONDAY, March 18, 2024

Price of the dollar TODAY in Mexico: MONDAY, March 18, 2024

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Around the world, currencies have changed their value to adjust to the financial market, although some countries have faced strong economic crises, the outlook is in the green for Latin America. Which is the dollar price today? If the price of the dollar in Latin countries like Mexico is of interest to you, keep reading to find out the price of the dollar.

Today, Monday March 18 2024, the price of the dollar in Mexico is 16.7051 pesos Mexicans per unit of the US bill, which corresponds to a increase of +0.0121 (+0.07%) from the previous day’s close, Sunday, March 17. The Mexican is forecast to follow the same course towards the end of the month.

Price of the dollar in Mexico on March 18, 2024:

Because the price of the dollar today, Monday March 18is 16.70, the banks of Mexico have made the respective adjustments to the purchase and sale price. We consulted these prices in Dólar.Info and we share them with you below.


Price of the dollar today when purchasing:

  • Banco Azteca: 15.85 Mexican pesos
  • BBVA: 15.64 Mexican pesos
  • Inbursa: 16.40 Mexican pesos
  • Banorte: 15.55 Mexican pesos
  • Santander: 15.55 Mexican pesos
  • Banregio: 16.00 Mexican pesos
  • Banbajío: 16.10 Mexican pesos
  • Scotiabank: 14.50 Mexican pesos
  • Citibanamex: 16.11 Mexican pesos

Dollar price for sale today:

  • Banco Azteca: 17.31 Mexican pesos
  • BBVA: 17.18 Mexican pesos
  • Inbursa: 18.00 Mexican pesos
  • Banorte: 16.95 Mexican pesos
  • Santander: 17.25 Mexican pesos
  • Banregio: 17.30 Mexican pesos
  • Banbajío: 17.10 Mexican pesos
  • Scotiabank: 17.80 Mexican pesos
  • Citibanamex: 17.11 Mexican pesos

Price of the dollar in Latin America on March 18, 2024:

To complement the above, we also consult the price What are you quoting on? today, Monday March 18, the American dollar in the rest of Latin America. Compared to the previous close, in Brazil the real remained stable, as in Colombia and Argentina; On the other hand, Chile had an increase of 0.24%. Here we share the price report in these countries.

  • Brazilian real: 4.9960 reais
  • Colombian peso: 3,911.21 pesos
  • Chilean peso: 940.38 pesos
  • Argentine peso: 849.7345 pesos
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