Prosecutor’s Office requests almost 5 years in prison for Carlo Ancelotti;  Real Madrid coach accused of fraud – La Opinion

Prosecutor’s Office requests almost 5 years in prison for Carlo Ancelotti; Real Madrid coach accused of fraud – La Opinion

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Carlo Ancelottiwho has won everything in Spain with the Real Madrid, since his arrival at the club in his second stage in 2022, is in serious trouble with the lawgiven that The city prosecutor’s office has requested four years and nine months in prison for the successful DT, for allegedly having defrauded the Treasury of more than one million euros, equivalent to $1.1 million dollars in fiscal years 2014 and 2015.

As reported by the Public Ministry this Wednesday through a statement, the prosecution charges him with two crimes against the Public Treasury, since despite the fact that Ancelotti stated that he was a resident in Spain for tax purposes and reflected that his address was in Madrid, he only recorded in his income tax returns the personal work remuneration received from Real Madrid andIt recorded the income corresponding to the exploitation of its image rights that it had transferred to other entities.

In its letter, the Prosecutor’s Office emphasizes that “in order to avoid taxation on the income from said image rights”, both those received by Real Madrid and other brands for various events, the coach went to a “complex” and ” “confusing” network of trusts and companies filed to channel the collection of image rights.

Ancelotti, the Public Ministry claims, agreed “in parallel” to his signing as coach of Real Madrid, a private contract with the club for 50% of his image rights, while the other half was owned by an “unnamed” company. and “not determined” that “he acted in the name and representation of the Italian coach,” the prosecution argues in the letter.

For its part, Carlo Ancelotti would have recognized the facts during the investigationaccording to a court document to which the AFP agency had accesswhich could open the possibility that he could reach a plea deal to avoid prison time.

The announcement of this news comes moments before Real Madrid plays the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 against Leipzig. A key meeting in which The meringues have the 1-0 advantage that they got from visiting Germany in the first legplus this time they will be local.

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