Qatar 2022: Luis Suárez vs. Cristiano Ronaldo, the duel of 1,300 goals is seen in the World Cup

Qatar 2022: Luis Suárez vs. Cristiano Ronaldo, the duel of 1,300 goals is seen in the World Cup


Uruguay and Portugal. Luis Suarez against Cristiano Ronaldoa confrontation of 1,335 goals between the two throughout their careers, perhaps much more dazzling in the past than now, but whose dimension breaks into Qatar 2022 between the doubts of both.

Perhaps they are no longer what they were. Neither Luis Suárez nor Cristiano, away from the extraordinary splendor of other times, from his impressive moments at Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Real Madrid or Manchester United.

They already have almost everything: Champions Leagues (five for Cristiano Ronaldo for one for Luis Suárez), Club World Cups, Spanish Leagues, one has been European champion with his team (2016), another has been American champion with Uruguay in 2011 and they have beaten the opposing goal with tremendous perseverance; On 809 occasions in 1,151 games the Portuguese star (0.70 on average), on 526 in 881 clashes the Uruguayan striker (0.59 on average), between his clubs and the national team.

No one has scored, either, more goals with their teams than them. Not even in Uruguay, with the 68 goals in 135 matches for the sky-blue ‘9’ since his debut with her on February 8, 2007. Not even in Portugal, with 118 goals, including eight over five World Cups, a feat never seen before, in its 192 duels since its international debut on August 20, 2003.

Cristiano and Suárez have met eleven times in their career. He wins the Uruguayan ‘9’: five wins, two draws and four losses.

One of their triumphs corresponds to the only duel between the two with their national teams, as of June 30, 2018 in Russia, in the round of 16 of the World Cup, when neither one nor the other scored, but Edinson Cavani, decisive that day. The other nine clashes are between his clubs, between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

In their duels, the Portuguese attacker scored 7 goals, two of them from penalties; andThe Uruguayan achieved six, apart from giving three assists, when they were face to face, as now in Qatar 2022, with the two searching for validity and the only thing they lack: to be world champions.

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