Raphinha explodes on social networks to defend Neymar after his injury: “Neymar’s mistake was being born Brazilian”

Raphinha explodes on social networks to defend Neymar after his injury: “Neymar’s mistake was being born Brazilian”


Neymar suffered a sprained ankle in Brazil’s first game against Serbia and the alarms went off, although some fans critical of Neymar for his political stance “celebrated” the injury suffered by the Brazilian who is likely to miss the Qatar 2022 group stage.

Before the criticism of Brazil’s 10, Raphinha from FC Barcelona has come out with a strong message in his Instagram stories in which he defended Neymar and left a clear sentence: “Neymar’s mistake was being born Brazilian.”

The Brazilian shared a post from a Neymar fan account on his Instagram stories that expressed discontent over the supposed joy of some fans after the Brazilian’s injury. Neymar is expected to reach the round of 16, if they qualify with a win against Switzerland.

“Argentina fans treat Messi like a God; Portugal fans treat Cristiano Ronaldo like royalty; the Brazilian’s fans encourage Neymar to break his leg. How sad. The biggest mistake of Neymar’s career is being born Brazilian. This country does not deserve his talent and his football ”, expresses the publication that Raphinha shared.

Neymar, who was injured this Thursday against Serbia, admitted that this is one of the “most difficult” moments of his career, given the uncertainty of not knowing when he will be able to play again in the World Cup.

The Brazilian attacker suffered a right ankle injury in the second half of the victory against Serbia that will keep him off the pitch until at least the round of 16.

“Today became one of the most difficult moments of my career. Again in a World Cup. I am injured. It hurts, but I’m sure I’ll be able to come back. I will do my best to help my country, my teammates and myself,” Neymar said in a social media post from him.

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