Raúl Velasco and ‘La India María’, a woman, claims to be a daughter and tells everything

Raúl Velasco and ‘La India María’, a woman, claims to be a daughter and tells everything

Raúl Velasco and

Raúl Velasco and ‘La India María’, a woman, claims to be a daughter and tells everything | Twitter

Despite the fact that two of the biggest stars in the world of show in Mexico, are no longer with us, the scandal They are pursued, therefore, by a woman who affirms that she is the daughter of both of them. We refer to the iconic, Raúl Velasco and Maria Elena Velascobetter known as “La India María”.

It must be remembered that three years ago, a woman who said she was the alleged daughter of both artists. his name is Mirna Velasco And now he has confessed how he found out that these two Mexican stars are his parents.

you are strong statements about the disappeared Famouswas given by this woman, named Mirna, in the most controversial of the shows, Gossip No Like. There, among other things, he affirmed that he always noticed the different treatment they gave her in comparison with his brothers.

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Mirna Velasco, affirmed that she noticed the differences in the treatment, both in the physical aspect, and in what their supposed parents gave them. The most revealing thing about her confession is that she assures that she knew the whole truth about her when she tried to tell the woman who raised her that her partner touched her without her consent.

As a child I always asked myself: ‘Why don’t I look like my brothers? Nobody. Why do they treat me ugly?’. So, at the age of 14, I realized when I tried to tell my supposed mother that I think that our father is touching us (my sisters and me) at night, ”she assured.

When he said that to his supposed mother, she got upset and confessed that she was not his daughter; telling her that her real parents never wanted her.

When I told him, he got angry, his horns came out and he says: ‘You know what? You are not our daughter, they pay us to take care of you, ”she said.

After this event, Mirna denounced that her adoptive father was inappropriately touching her sister, which caused the case to go to trial; That being the moment when her adoptive mother told her who her real parents were.

We went to court and he pulled me, my adoptive mother pulled me and tells me: ‘Look, your parents are Raúl Velasco and María Elena. They are your parents and they don’t love you, they have never loved you and they will never love you,’” she recounted.

According to this woman named Mirna, in her childhood she arrived with this couple who treated her very badly because her adoptive mother who raised her assured her that she worked for the comedian: “What she has told me is that my mother was I liked playing with men,” he said.

Mirna Velasco, He also said in Gossip No Like that, “The Indian Maria”has 7 children in total, including the singer Ana Gabrieland that even one of her supposed brothers would have contacted her recently.

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