Real Madrid overcomes Barcelona in the Clásico and takes the LaLiga title – La Opinión

Real Madrid overcomes Barcelona in the Clásico and takes the LaLiga title – La Opinión

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He real Madrid He managed to get up from the canvas and knock out the Barcelona in a last-minute victory in the Clásico that took place this Sunday at the Santiago Bernabéu.

After having an adverse score on two occasions: 0-1 and 1-2, the white club took a golden triumph that makes him caress the title by moving away from Barcelona by 11 points with 18 to be played.

Jude Bellingham He was the hero by scoring the decisive goal in stoppage time of the match, but he was not the only one who shouldered the team, since Lucas Vázquez gave an excellent game, as did Vinícius, who looked tireless and always dangerous, But not to mention the rest of the squad, where each one contributed their grain of sand so that together they could achieve the goal.

Barcelona’s need contrasted from the beginning with Real Madrid’s sufficiency. The emotional hangover from the Etihad battle, the endurance exercise was palpable more than the physical in the mental factor. Going out to a classic with the obligation to win or doing it with a net, with a points advantage that allowed the draw to be considered good. It caused serious errors that have a toll in big duels.

The rollercoaster of emotions on which Lunin has settled, despite his coldness. From a hero in Manchester to starting the classic with overconfidence with his foot, losing a dangerous ball, and with a bad start that cost him an early goal. Vinícius added to that accumulation of errors with a bad back pass that caused the corner thanks to the reaction of Kroos. As attentive to the cut as he was asleep in his launch. Christensen beat him to the jump, Lunin measured poorly and when he wanted to react the ball was already inside the goal.

Any idea of ​​Ancelotti’s game changed in six minutes. Real Madrid had to go after the rival, take risks to avoid the resurrection of LaLiga before visiting the home of Real Sociedad. Suddenly, the strongest defensive team in LaLiga was weak in every corner kick. He lost in the aerial game like Camavinga in marking Lamine Yamal.

A 16-year-old boy, who had already shown himself on the same stage with the Spanish team, made his debut in a classic at the Bernabéu, oblivious to the pressure. The best of his team, always unbalancing, punishing Ancelotti for betting on marking a pure winger with a midfielder like Camavinga. Tired of being outplayed, he received a yellow card that forced a change of plan at halftime.

Before Real Madrid had tied, with personality for reaction, not thinking about fatigue and locking Barcelona in its territory and making the rival’s possession inconsequential. Vinícius forgave, after an assist from Modric in what is shaping up to be his last classic, finishing high from the penalty spot. Released from Araujo’s marking, pairing up with Koundé.

Tchouaméni had a header, after a free-kick from Kroos in his measured cross, but it was Lucas Vázquez, who started due to Carvajal’s muscular fatigue, who generated the tie. Cancelo again weak in defensive duties. He ate the cut and Cubarsi, in his first classic, rushed to the ground to knock down his rival without being able to stop himself. Ter Stegen’s record in limbo, after six days without conceding a goal, despite guessing ‘Vini’s shot.

A new classic was born in which Barcelona, ​​always focusing its game on Yamal’s side, had to demonstrate that it deserved to fight for the title. He caressed him with a set piece. On every corner kick. With Lewandowski seeing the crossbar up close in his shot before the need for goal technology in Spanish football was demonstrated. Yamal’s shot at the near post. Lunin’s reaction inside his goal. Impossible to determine from the angles of the replays whether or not the ball completely exceeded the baseline.

The duel rose to a swing of sensations depending on the needs of each team. Real Madrid longed for physical freshness, as much as for Vinícius and Rodrygo to connect. Or a greater offensive contribution from Bellingham, reducing his appearances in danger zones. Wearing himself out in defensive tasks. At times Rodrygo wanted to take a step forward, with good readings of two actions. Ter Stegen was firm before Modric’s shot and ‘Vini’ was generous when he should have shot.

The gesture of the classic came with the applause of the Bernabéu stands for a rival when De Jong left the game on a stretcher. Gundogan had looked for the squad in a foul, when in a dead ball in the addition of the first act, Valverde went with the intensity that his rival lacked. The ball hit his foot in the air and caused an ankle injury that sank the Dutch midfielder again.

Barcelona had to take the step forward to avoid ending their season blank, with Pedri in charge. Although the leading role was always Yamal’s, he started the second act in the same dynamic, beating Camavinga and trying his luck with the shot at Lunin. Real Madrid took a step back. Because of his physique and his faith in the counterattack. Xavi gave him the lead by putting Fermín in first. To Joao Félix and Ferran later.

The bet of a coach who already announced his goodbye was rewarded, when a cross, of course from Yamal, found the clearance to the center of Lunin, disturbed in his vision by Ferran’s moment, surpassed in rejection against Fermín. LaLiga regained its momentum again with the Barça victory.

Real Madrid had to defy any physical logic to win the game and they did so by tying in just four minutes. With Vinícius inventing an action with a perfect pass from the left to the appearance of the hero of the match, Lucas Vázquez, at the far post. Again in the photo I cancel.

The tie was of no use to Barcelona, ​​they had no choice but to go for the winning goal again and offer Real Madrid the chance to run. It was when Ancelotti’s changes fulfilled his role. After ‘Vini’ forgave a one-on-one with Ter Stegen at the first warning before leaving the game. With Brahim fresh on his legs to lead the transition that closed LaLiga in the 91st minute. The decisive contribution of Lucas Vázquez and Bellingham’s scoring resurrection at the far post to unleash madness in a Bernabéu proud of the fighting spirit of its players.

*With information from EFE.

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