VIDEO: Jennifer López divides opinions when she is seen spitting gum into her assistant’s hand – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Jennifer López divides opinions when she is seen spitting gum into her assistant’s hand – El Diario NY

Jennifer Lopez has started 2024 on the wrong foot. And after the lukewarm reception of her new album, “This Is Me…Now”, the singer has once again placed herself in the “eye of the hurricane” for her recent public appearance where she was caught spitting a piece of gum into the hand of her supposed assistant.

Through social networks, a video went viral in which the artist of Latin origin appears in what appears to be the recording of a film project wearing a long black coat as well as an elegant bag. In an instant, you can notice that a person, the supposed assistant of the actress, hastily approaches the “On The Floor” performer.

Although the video is not clear about what Lopez kept in her mouth, you can see how the actress lowers her head towards her assistant’s hand to drop something into her hand.

JLo is severely criticized for her action

After the much talked about action, the assistant Lopez He quickly moves away from the place where the actress is with his fist clenched. Meanwhile, the artist of Latin origin returns to her original position next to a person who could serve as her recording partner.

Jennifer López participating in a show.

It is worth mentioning that, although the identity of the person next to the singer is unknown, this character cannot help but appear surprised at the action of Jennifer to the point of approaching her and presumably asking about the fact, to which the singer only reacts by raising her shoulders in a sign of ignorance.

After the incident went viral, a large number of users of various social networks attacked the actress by calling what was done to her assistant “unhygienic” and even “disgusting.” Others, meanwhile, pointed out that the action of the wife of Ben Affleck It was an act of denigration of his worker: “I can never imagine doing this… I would never do it on stage.”

Jennifer Lopez posing on a red carpet.
Jennifer Lopez released her new album “This Is Me… Now” last February.
Credit: Mezcalo

On the other hand, another large number of Internet users showed that although this type of action is “incorrect”, it has become normalized to treat attendees in this way by various stars. Finally, there are those who pointed out that it would be interesting to listen to the assistants of these personalities to hear their versions about this type of actions by their employers.

The recent action of the interpreter of “Can’t Get Enough” contrasts with a previous video of the artist, along with Ben Affleckwhere they are both cleaning their seats and picking up their trash after leaving a movie theater in Los Angeles.

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