Red Bull suspends employee who accused Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior – La Opinion

Red Bull suspends employee who accused Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior – La Opinion

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Christian Horner is in the eye of the storm for alleged involvement in a case of inappropriate conduct. The Red Bull board decided to suspend the employee who accused Horner after an investigation.

The board of directors of the Red Bull team was acquitted of a punishment for misconduct after a lengthy investigation.

The employee who made the accusation still has the right to appeal the decision and was suspended with full pay.

“The company cannot comment on this internal matter,” were the comments of a Red Bull spokesperson.. This suspension comes after findings in the team’s investigation.

Horner was in charge of the Red Bull team during the investigation and commanded practice during the first Grand Prix of the season that took home a double. team with Max Verstappen and Sergio “Checo” Pérez in Bahrain.

Christian Horner affirms that he settled with Max Verstappen’s father and will continue at Red Bull

The Englishman Christian Horner, team manager of Red Bull, the dominant team in Formula One, He wanted to put an end to the internal controversy that arose recently that has been resolved with Jos Verstappen, the father of its great star, the Dutch triple world champion Max Verstappen.

The meeting was during the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) press conference that took place at the Jeddah urban circuit, home of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Verstappen Sr. had declared that Horner should leave the team to prevent it from disintegrating, triggering a whole series of rumors about a hypothetical departure from the team of the triple Red Bull champion.

“There was a post-race discussion, and I think everyone is very focused on the future. I spoke to Jos after the grand prix. Obviously I congratulated him on his son’s performance, and I think it’s in everyone’s interest, collectively, that we’ve agreed to move forward, focus on the future. And we both have a great interest in that your child gets the best and we provide him with the best cars and bring out the best in him.

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