Rocío Dúrcal’s old house has been bought by her daughter Shaila – El Diario NY

Rocío Dúrcal’s old house has been bought by her daughter Shaila – El Diario NY

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It has recently been reported that one of Rocío Dúrcal’s daughters bought the entire family house in TorrelodonesSpain.

Shaila Durcal and his two older brothers, Antonio and Carmen, They inherited the property after the death of Antonio Moralesthe singer who was Dúrcal’s partner from 1970 until her death in 2006.

In the last 10 years The residence was practically abandonedbut now Shaila has taken over the entire residence and has plans to make renovations taking care of the original details.

It should be noted that this property for the family is of great importance. First, because there are the ashes of Rocío and AntonioHis parents. On the other hand, for Shaila that residence represents her childhood.

This information It was confirmed by Shaila herself through the magazine ‘Lecturas’even took the opportunity to share details of the interior of the house with the media.

It must be remembered that This mansion is located in Torrelodonesa municipality located northwest of Madrid. One of its greatest attractions is that it is surrounded by nature because it is at the foot of the Guadarrama mountain range.

Dúrcal and her husband moved to that residence in the 70s, so it is undoubtedly a historic place.

For the moments There is no certainty about the use that Shaila will give to the home.. What is certain is that it will be in charge of its maintenance. It must be remembered that she currently lives between Mexico and the United States.

Although in the recent publication he left clues and possibly the place will become his retirement home. “Coming to my homeland is very important for me, I am going to try to organize my time better. I sacrificed a lot to pursue that American dream that I had since I was very young to have a career there. I have spent my life without them and I really wanted to be here.”

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