Restaurants in Philadelphia refused to cook for the Houston Astros

Restaurants in Philadelphia refused to cook for the Houston Astros


Los Astros estan abajo en la Serie Mundial 1 2 contra los Phillies.

The Philadelphia Phillies fan is usually very passionate about his team, a feeling that often crosses the limits. On this occasion, a pizzeria and a meat restaurant in Philadelphia denied an order to the Astros for being their team’s rival in the World Series.

Mike BBQ and Angelo’s Pizza, very popular restaurants in Philadelphia, refused to cook for their team’s rivals. The restaurants themselves affirmed the fact and assured that they did not want to provide the service to their rival team.

The Houston Astros are not the most beloved team in the United States, and they are not very well received in certain places after the sign-stealing scandal, now in Philadelphia it has not been better.

Lisa Clarke, nutritionist for the Astros would have called Mike’s BBQ, trying to get Latin food. It is said that she could have confused the phone with that of a restaurant specializing in Venezuelan food.

The truth is that since the Houston Astros had to use their ingenuity to feed their players, because the first two options failed miserably.

It is shown that in Philadelphia, the World Series is played on all fields and also restaurant owners prefer the love for their team rather than earn some money by feeding the opponents.

It should be noted that for now the series is still led by the Phillies with two wins and one setback.
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