Reunion of “Violetta” comes to Disney +

Reunion of “Violetta” comes to Disney +

“You have carried these songs in your heart for 10 years and now we will sing them all together”, exposes the synopsis of “Only love and a thousand songs”, a special of “Violetta” that comes to Disney +. “Thank you for joining us, we will never forget everything we experienced,” says Tini Stoessel at the beginning of the clip.

The show supposes the reunion of some members of the cast, the protagonists essentially, a decade after saying goodbye. Scheduled to premiere on December 8 on the streaming platform, the clip generated immediate reactions from fans. As well as thousands of “likes”.

«The evolution in the voices of Martina and Jorge is noticeable, it is VERY noticeable that in these 10 years they have been polishing their talents. I love that they do a ‘Violetta’ special, I hope all the actors are there»; «What a thrill to see the boys again after a long time this series I loved it, it marked my adolescence I enjoyed it a lot»; «Thank you Disney with only 2 minutes you made me cry️. ‘Violetta’ forever in my heart»; «Seeing Jorge and Tini together gives me 100 years of life», and «I’m crying. It is as if time had gone back and returned to the happiest time of my life,” were some of the comments left on the Disney+ Latin America YouTube account.

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In addition to Tini, the actor and singer Jorge Blanco and the actresses and singers Cande Molfese and Mechi Lambre join the show.

The special was recorded at the Astor Piazzolla Theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina and pays homage to the celebrated history of Disney Channel. The five most important songs of “Violetta” and testimonials from fans with anecdotes and memories of the series complete the project.

Diego Peskins, director behind Tini’s video clips in recent years, is in charge of directing. As a curious fact, “Violetta” reached almost 140 countries and was dubbed in 15 languages ​​between 2012 and 2015.

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