Robert García believes that Ryan García should not fight Devin Haney, but he will do it for business – La Opinion

Robert García believes that Ryan García should not fight Devin Haney, but he will do it for business – La Opinion

Robert García, famous Mexican coach, believes that Ryan García He shouldn’t face Devin Haney on April 20 in New York for the 140-pound belt of the World Boxing Council (WBC), but promoters and managers will do everything possible to make the fight happen for the money it will generate.

In an interview with the YouTube channel 210BoxingTv, García I hope he is really well as his parents have said. of King Ry and that he be part of the show to sell the fight, but in his opinion it is better that he retire if his mental health is not in optimal conditions.

I think Ryan comes to the fight. He shouldn’t, but he will. “I hope this is part of the show to sell the fight, and I hope that Oscar (De La Hoya) is right and that his father and mother are right, saying that everything is fine with him,” he said.

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Ryan García has had erratic behavior that has worried his followers and sports experts. Photo Courtesy: Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy Promotions.

“My personal opinion is that he (Ryan) comes to the fight because the promoters, the managers and the people around him need that great fight. They need to get that fight. If it’s good, if it’s not good, They will still try to make that fight happen because it’s business. But personally I shouldn’t do it,” he added.

The fight between Ryan García and Devin Haney is hanging by a thread due to the recent controversies of the Californian fighter and many believe that he will not enter the ring, but King Ry promised on social networks that he will fully concentrate in the gym in these last five weeks because he takes the duel with the American champion seriously.

In fact, his promoter Óscar de la Hoya confirmed that García was training with Derrick James and that he will not abandon the confrontation. It should be noted that after the press conference in New York, the Californian’s behavior has been erratic. King Ry He admitted that he was high on a live stream and that he smoked marijuana and drank like anyone else, which generated a great stir on their social networks.

At first it was thought to be a publicity tactic to promote the fight with Devin Haneybut his fans, sports experts and ex-wife Drea Celin have shown concern for the Californian’s mental health, although he himself assures that he is well and prepared for the most important duel of his career.

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Devin Haney and Ryan García may not face each other in New York due to King Ry’s problems. Photo Courtesy: Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy Promotions.

Ryan Garcia, 24, moved up to 140 pounds after his first loss in the sport against Gervonta Davis in 2023 and He made his successful debut in the new category after knocking out Óscar Duarte to try to be crowned world champion. The Mexican-American boxer has a record of 24 wins (20 by knockout) and one setback in his professional career.

For his part, Devin Haney, also 24 years old, became the undisputed 135-pound champion and decided to move up to 140 pounds to add a new belt against Regis Prograis last December. The American He has an undefeated record of 31 victories, 15 of them by knockout.

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