Rodner Figueroa breaks down in tears: “This is the moment I feared the most”

Rodner Figueroa breaks down in tears: “This is the moment I feared the most”

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The television presenter Rodner Figueroa became a trend a few days ago after making his departure from Telemundo known without giving further details of the real reason that led the company to make this decision, not only with him, but also with other employees.

“Now I feel that I am the owner of my own time again, I am the owner of my own decisions, I am the owner of my own freedom, I am the owner of being able to do what I want“, he explained.

However, a few days after that unfortunate news, the Venezuelan alerted more than one of his followers, because he shared a sad situation that he has been facing with his pet and it has affected him more than many believe and, he said : “They found a tumor in the front part of the brain. This is the moment that I feared the most“, on the condition of Napoleon.

In turn, Figueroa added on his Facebook profile that: “I hoped it was something from the records as they told us, but no, you have a brain tumor that is squeezing your brain at the frontit is compromising the motor capacity ”.

I’m venting because I don’t want him to feel that I am anguished, that I am sad because they feel what one feels. Only the owner of a pet understands what I am feeling and it is a very complicated decision, but hey, one has to stop being selfish and has to think about their well-being, ”he added.

Netizens send messages of strength

“Oh friend, it’s sad, but be strong. Think it’s life”, “It hurts a lot to hear such news. Those of us who love pets as family members cry a lot for them”, “When pain comes, have faith that God also gives you strength”, “I went through that and to see them suffer the best is like this. Cheer up”“A lot of strength, I know what you are going through, think that you are going to give him a greater demonstration of love by not letting him suffer”, “You make me cry beautiful love, I can only wish you both strength”, were some of the messages of strength that they left for the Venezuelan in the post.

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