Romina Marcos, daughter of Niurka, opens an OnlyFans account to “get ahead” – El Diario NY

Romina Marcos, daughter of Niurka, opens an OnlyFans account to “get ahead” – El Diario NY

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The daughter of Niurka Marcos, Romina Marcoshad resisted creating content on OnlyFans, but now decided to change her mind, after having a family meal and beginning to see it as a form of power generate extra income.

During an interview with Influencer Magazinethe former ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ participant, revealed that she was encouraged to create adult content after a talk she had with her sister-in-law and because of the support of her family.

“One day my whole family was eating in Mérida, and suddenly my sister-in-law Kimi told me: Why don’t you get yours now?he expressed.

Romina added that if she had not done it before it was for fear of being criticized.

“I think if I hadn’t done it before it was because of the fear of criticism, but now that I’ve released it, no one has said anything and maybe many people didn’t know, I haven’t even been there for a month,” he explained.

The young woman said that her debut on OnlyFans is motivated by the economic income that this platform can generate in the long term.

“I think it is a way of investing, because like everyone, I need get ahead and pay rent. “I’m not that different, I also have my financial needs.”

Romina took the opportunity to say that she feels sexy and happy with her curves.

“I have always been a woman who considers myself sexy, I like having a curvy bodya body that may be uncomfortable for some people, but real for others who have a body similar to mine. You are very surprised by Only, I think one expects different things from what it really is, like it is very demonized,” he concluded.

Although Romina has her followers on social networks accustomed to seeing her posing in very skimpy underwear and swimsuits. Now the influencer will get paid $15 dollars monthly so that your fans can have access to your profile.

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