Authorities recover two bodies from a submerged truck after a bridge collapse in Baltimore – La Opinion

Authorities recover two bodies from a submerged truck after a bridge collapse in Baltimore – La Opinion

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Maryland Governor Wes Moore announced this Wednesday that the bodies of two bodies were recovered after a freighter crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge Tuesday morning.

According to the authorities, Divers found a red pickup truck submerged under approximately 25 feet of water in the middle span of the bridge and found two bodies trapped inside.

“The Key Bridge collapse is not just a Maryland crisis. The collapse of a key bridge is a global crisis. “The national economy and the global economy depend on the Port of Baltimore,” said Governor Wes Moore.

Maryland State Police Superintendent Roland Butler identified the victims as Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, 35, and Dorlian Castillo Cabrera, 26, who is known to be of Guatemalan descent.

Butler said authorities have notified the men’s families.

Prior to the announcement, it was announced that one of the missing construction workers was Dorlian Castillo Cabrera from Guatemala.

The Guatemalan Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday identified two of its nationals among the missing: a 26-year-old from San Luis, Petén, and a 35-year-old from Camotán, Chiquimula. The 26-year-old is Dorlian, according to family members.

“Depending on conditions, we are now moving from a recovery mode to a salvage operation due to the superstructure surrounding what we believe to be the vehicles and the amount of concrete and debris, divers are no longer able to safely navigate or operate around them.” from that area. in the areas around the debris,” Superintendent Butler said.

The collapse occurred when a freighter crashed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge early Tuesday morning.causing an almost total collapse of the section and stopping vessel traffic entering and leaving the port of Baltimore.

According to Brawner Builders executive vice president Jeffrey Pritzker, seven company employees were on the Francis Scott Key Bridge the night of the collapse; one survived and the other six are presumed dead.

“These were wonderful young people,” he said. “They did hard work. “These guys were wonderful, hard-working people.”

Pritzker told CNN that he does not know how the worker managed to survive and assured that the survivor is not yet ready to talk about his experience, as he has injuries and is suffering from stress.

“It’s amazing that he survived,” Pritzker said, adding that the worker was able to swim away.

Most of the seven men worked for Brawner Builders for years, according to Pritzker, doing concrete remediation work, including filling potholes on the Key Bridge the night of the collapse.

The governments of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras confirmed the disappearances through their respective spokespersons. The United States Coast Guard reported that, given the time elapsed and the temperature of the water in which they fell, they fell into the category of deceased.

The president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that there were three Mexican victims: one injured, who was being treated, and two missing, whose identities were withheld.

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