Sebastián Sosa, former Pumas goalkeeper, was released on parole after being accused of sexual abuse – La Opinión

Sebastián Sosa, former Pumas goalkeeper, was released on parole after being accused of sexual abuse – La Opinión

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Sebastian Sosathe Uruguayan and naturalized Mexican goalkeeper, was released on conditional release after paying a bail of $58 thousand dollars until the trial is held for the sexual abuse allegedly committed on March 3 by four soccer players from Velez Sarsfield.

The nationalized Mexican goalkeeper, 37 years old, He will be judged as a secondary participant, which is why he will be able to return to his home in Buenos Aires after paying his bond, although He is prohibited from leaving the country and must report to a police station every 15 days.

The other three footballers indicteddefender Braian Cufré, Paraguayan midfielder José Florentín and the young and promising forward Abiel Osorio, They will remain under house arrest in the northern town of Tucumán, where the events were recorded and where the trial will take place, for a period of 90 days until the beginning of the trial.

In addition, they will have to pay rent to own a residence in the region, and the three will have to wear an electric anklet and pay compensation equal to that of the goalkeeper, according to local media La Gaceta.

The prosecutor María Eugenia Posse established that Cufré and Florentín will be charged with sexual abuse aggravated by the participation of several peoplewhile Osorio will be convicted of sexual abuse with carnal access.

On March 18, the Vélez Sarsfield club suspended the employment contract of the four players, in addition to announcing “the beginning of an internal summary so that, as soon as possible, the definitive measures to be taken with respect to the four players are determined.” .

How did the events happen, according to the alleged victim’s story?

The events allegedly occurred when the team was in the town in northwest Argentina for a League Cup match against Atlético Tucumán.

Sosa and the woman had met in the mixed zone of the stadium and, after a series of messages exchanged on the social network Instagram, she went to the Hilton hotel at midnight after the duel against the ‘Dean’, which ended 0-0.

Shortly after, Osorio, Cufré and Florentín would join, with whom they shared a few cans of beer and a few drinks of Fernet – a well-known national cocktail based on an alcoholic beverage of Italian origin and a cola soft drink. After that, the young woman began to feel dizzy and lay down on one of her beds.

According to the victim, from that moment on the abuse occurred and, after a few hours, when he was able to recover, he left the room and requested a vehicle through the application to return to his home.

Three days later, the young woman went to the local police to file a complaint and handed over the clothes she wore that night for analysis.

Vélez reiterated “his deepest concern about the reported events” for being “clearly contrary to the principles and values” of the institution.

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